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January 25, 2023


One Of The Industry’s Best Life Insurance Presentations

Join Joe Ross and Tom Brown from Corebridge Financial to hear a story about the importance of permanent life insurance, and a totally different approach to determine “how much Term” and “how much Perm.”

As we launch into 2023, don’t be one of those agents that struggles with convincing your clients that they need permanent life insurance.

Join us this afternoon at 3:00 pm central.

Upcoming Events

Index Account Rate Changes: Increasing caps and participation rates

Lincoln has increased caps and participation rates on certain indexed accounts, which may improve future policy performance. The changes apply only to newly created indexed account segments for all currently available, and a select group of previously sold life insurance products in Lincoln’s Indexed UL and Variable UL product suites. Read More.

Pricing Improvement – MoneyGuard Fixed Advantage

Effective Jan. 23, Lincoln will implement pricing decreases to MoneyGuard Fixed Advantage. Price improvements will range from 0-14% with an average decrease of 6%, which will improve competitive positioning. See the details.

Increased cap and max illustrated rates

As of January 21, 2023, our cap and max illustrated rates across all our new business Index Universal Life products have increased. Continue reading.

Increase Rate Announcement on IULs

Check out our increased Caps on FlexLife, PeakLife, SummitLife, and SurvivorLife IULs.

SECURE 2.0 Act: Expanding the Ways Americans Save for Retirement

Highlighting a few of the most pertinent and broad-reaching provisions. Continue reading.

Demystifying Qualified Plans

National Life is going back to the basics as we explore these plans and the benefits they provide. Take a look.

Help your clients protect their Retirement savings

Follow the story of Barb and Ken as they navigate their retirement. Find out how Signature Guaranteed Universal Life insurance helped their financial situation and gave them peace of mind and financial stability that would last.

Two Policies Are Better Than One

Helping clients plan is a great way to add value to their family. Combining a Signature GUL policy along with a Signature Performance IUL can provide for their needs in the early years and later the SGUL policy can be turned into cash for a joint lifetime of income. Learn more.

The proof is in the numbers, determine just the right amount of coverage that works best for your client today

Help your clients determine how much money their family would need if they or their spouse were no longer around to provide for them using our Family Financial Needs Analysis.

A Client's Most Valuable Asset May Not Be What They Think

Income is critical to most workers’ financial security, yet they rarely think about how an illness or injury could prevent them from working, putting their income at risk. Use our interactive PDF to show clients the value of their income and how to protect it.

Giving Children the Gift of a Lifetime

Whole life insurance isn’t the first thing that comes to mind for those who want to give their children or grandchildren a gift that lasts a lifetime. But given its flexibility, guaranteed life insurance protection and cash value accumulation, clients should consider it for those they love. Learn more.

Tips to improve financial well-being in the New Year

Financial wellness plays an important role in overall well-being. Feeling confident in money management and meeting day-to-day expenses can also lead to feeling more empowered about one’s financial situation and life as a whole. Share our blog post with tips on improving financial well-being and effective habits in boosting financial health.

Proposing IUL through a client review

Have client needs changed? As your clients age, they may have more disposable income to work with as they begin focusing more on preparing for retirement. In these situations, a North American Indexed Universal Life (IUL) insurance product could be a great solution. View our hypothetical case study and illustration to see how a new policy could make a big difference.

Income replacement grid

How much life insurance could your clients use? Check out North American’s income replacement grid and DIME worksheet to help solve for the total death benefit need.

New GI Term II product for multi-life business cases

On Jan. 16, we introduced Principal Guaranteed Issue Term II – an innovative new product providing employers with a simple funding solution to meet a variety of business needs. Our new web page includes details and marketing materials for this new product. Learn more.

3 in 15 replays

Watch the playback of any 3 in 15 webinar, where experts share 3 topical ideas in 15 minutes.

Symetra Surrender Value Enhancement (SVE) Rider stands out

Have clients looking for high early net cash surrender values with minimal effect on their policy’s long-term growth potential–Symetra’s Surrender Value Enhancement (SVE) Rider stands out. Available on Symetra’s IUL policies. Learn more.

Classic Choice term + Protective Velocity = a fast and hassle-free application experience

Classic Choice term’s affordable rates coupled with Protective Velocity can make create an ideal client experience. Learn more about Velocity platform, Protective’s suite of digital solutions and explore the tools we have to offer.

SECURE Scope: Get to Know SECURE 2.0 (Part 1)

The Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2023 became law on Dec. 29. The SECURE 2.0 Act of 2022 is included in it. While lacking anything as impactful as the first SECURE’s elimination of the stretch, it does include dozens of mostly helpful changes. Some take effect as soon as the date of enactment or for tax years ending after the date of enactment. This edition highlights those immediate changes. Learn More.

Lower pricing on Term Essential

Effective January 9, 2023, Term Essential rates have been reduced by an average of 9%, with some rates being lowered by as much as 20% or more. This means you can offer more affordable life insurance protection to clients. Learn more.

The power of FlexGuard Life in retirement planning

Life insurance can help strengthen a client’s financial wellness in retirement through both death benefit protection and the potential to offer supplemental retirement income. Prudential’s latest product innovation, FlexGuard Life, can offer clients upside cash value growth potential with levels of downside protection that can help them navigate a changing economic landscape. Learn more.

Nationwide Advisor Blog – Slower Momentum Heading Into 2023

In this advisor blog article, Kathy Bostjancic, Nationwide’s SVP and Chief Economist, explains why there is reason to be cautious about the outlook for 2023. Read the full article.

Nationwide Retirement Institute – Funding a Trust With Life Insurance

Trusts are an essential part of legacy planning, and funding a trust with life insurance is a popular funding method. Learn about this method and the benefits it provides for legacy planning.

Nationwide IUL Accumulator II 2020 Product Overview – Updated

Download our updated product overview for our IUL accumulator product. 

Help educate and empower your female clients

Did you know that only 47% of women have life insurance compared to 57% of men, according to LIMRA's 2021 Insurance Barometer Study? This “make your mark” campaign speaks to independent, empowered and authentic women from all walks of life. Utilize this customizable campaign today. Download the campaign.

Three Trends That Could Shape The Insurance Industry In 2023

Forbes forecasts these three trends will be on the rise for the insurance industry in 2023. Check out the article and see if you agree with any or all of the trends.

Kick-start your sales with John Hancock’s new Protection VUL 23

See why we are so excited about all our new Protection VUL 23 has to offer.

Spousal Lifetime Access Trust (SLAT) presentation

John Hancock’s SLAT presentation is now available in JH illustrator. It is an excellent way to highlight the flexibility of using irrevocable trusts for married couples. Download SLAT Client Guide.

New for WinFlex

WinFlex now offers the Supplementing Retirement Income presentation under the “optional pages” tab. Along with that the Invest in Your Life presentation is also available. Take a look.

New for 2023

Check out our Fingertip Tax Guide which has been updated to reflect 2023 tax numbers.

Encouraging Positive Behaviors with an Incentive Trust Using Life Insurance

Do you have a client that is worried a substantial transfer of wealth could have a negative impact on their beneficiaries? Work with your client to create a positive legacy by implementing an incentive trust using life insurance. Share our recently-updated client brochure to get started.

The LIFE Podcast–Rising Interest Rates and the General Account

Pacific Life’s Deputy Chief Investment Officer, Dr. Christina He joins hosts Stephan Mitchell and Bill Bell to discuss rising interest rates, inflation, and how assets are selected for the general account portfolio. Listen in.

Explore. Innovate. Accelerate.

Discover product resources, tools, insights, sales strategies, and more that can help make doing business easier, grow client relationships, and unlock new opportunities on the PL Promise website.

Newly Updated Life Underwriting Guidelines

Our Life Underwriting Guidelines for Term and Permanent Products has been updated, new for January 1, 2023, and is now available to view. Take a look.

Close the Sale Faster with Automated Underwriting

With Automated Underwriting, you receive a point-of-sale decision day or night with your clients. The process is simple – use the iPipeline iGO e-App on your IUL Express, Living Promise, and Term Life Express applications and it will automatically go through Automated Underwriting. Learn more.

Enhancements to the digital application process

We’re here for you to start the year off strong. One of the ways we’re doing that is by improving our systems and processes, including enhancements to our digital application process. Watch our webinar recording to see the latest round of enhancements.

Cancer diagnosis? A preferred rate is possible for clients

At Symetra, we believe cancer patients deserve the opportunity to obtain affordable life insurance coverage. That’s why we’re pleased to offer our Preferred Cancer Program.  Designed to offer clients who were diagnosed with one of seven qualifying cancers the opportunity to earn up to a Preferred rate. Learn more.

Deliver a better client experience with LifeInsight.

LifeInsight will help you save time, provide clarity, and strengthen client relationships. Check out our digital experience

New Underwriting Approach Section On

We’ve expanded our underwriting content on Agents now have access to our full underwriting approach without the hassle of logging into the advisor site. Check out the newly redone underwriting approach section

Producer Essential's Underwriting New Business

New  Marketing Engagement Strategy Toolkit

Check out our new Digital Toolkit featuring our Taming a Bear Market in Retirement Advanced Sales Success Strategy, Simplify Client Presentation, and more. Now you can easily customize your own 4-week marketing campaign using pre-approved emails and social posts to clients & prospects.

Upcoming Webinar: It’s Not Déjà Vu: Introducing the Newest Retirement Tax Legislation

  • Date: Wednesday, January 25, 2023
  • Time: 2 pm ET, 1 pm CT, noon MT, 11 am PT
  • Speaker: Ann Hagerty, Advanced Sales Counsel

Join to hear detailed highlights on this new legislation and the impact it may have on your clients.

Advanced Markets Services Guide

Helping your business grow. Our team strives to be your primary and most trusted partner to help you close complex cases. We stay up to date on current events, guide your clients through complicated financial landscapes, and offer personalized care assistance. Download our flyer as a helpful guide to the topics we can assist with.

Looking for Sales ideas for 2023?

Our updated Advanced Markets Concepts micro-site is full of sales ideas and concepts, including a how to guide for each one. Buy Sell, Executive Bonus, Split Dollar, annuity Max, and much more. Take a look.

2023 Max Business Deductions for LTC Premiums

Use our consumer-friendly 2023 Tax Guide to better understand the deductibility maximums for business owners

Care Solutions Virtual Connections Playbook

Use our playbook as a guide to have more efficient and effective virtual client meetings and events in the new year

Strong Product Backed by Trust and Commitment

As a mission-driven, mutual organization, OneAmerica is committed to offering products tailored to meet a variety of needs and situations. And we are dedicated to supporting you and your clients now and well into the future. Watch this short video to learn Who We Are.

SecureCare III Price Change

Effective January 23, rates for SecureCare III will be reduced by 25 percent across all case scenarios in all states except AZ, CA, CT, DE, DC, FL, IN, MT, NJ, ND, NY, SC and SD. SecureCare III is a long-term care (LTC) and nonparticipating whole life insurance policy. Contact your sales team for transition rules.

Tips for Long-Term Care Applications

Our underwriters rely on you to paint a picture about your clients’ health, cognitive status and lifestyle. You can do that by gathering information from your clients, like recent medical visits and tests, medications, physical and social activities and any past LTCi applications.

Once you have this info, you can list any specific info that could be applicable and assist in a positive underwriting outcome in a cover letter.

Commonly overlooked tax savings for financial professionals

Do you know which enhancements for small businesses under the #Tax Cuts and Job Acts will expire by 2026? Review our tips for #Financial professionals to help make sure you’re benefitting from the savings these deductions offer.

Helping a graying America avoid a retirement crisis

Did you know #Annuity ownership is linked to #Financial confidence? Discover why 73% of retirees who own an annuity feel confident they’ll be able to live the #Retirement lifestyle they’ve been planning.

Sneaky expenses that can wreck your budget

Do you know some of the most common causes of “expense creep”? Find out what could be adding over $7,000 to a client’s annual budget, and share 14 tips to help them free up money they could put toward other #Financial goals. #FinancialFriday.

Webinar: Columbus Life’s Competitive Annuity Portfolio

Thursday, January 26th 11:30 am EST. Learn about Columbus Life’s annuity products with our Director of Sales Support, Eric Striet.

During times of stock market uncertainty, offer your clients the confidence of a fixed rate

Learn how an MYG annuity may fit your client’s financial needs if they desire an attractive fixed rate and ability to grow their earnings on a tax-deferred basis.

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