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Grow and protect your clients' income

For investors nearing retirement, exposure to market losses can be unsettling – or worse. And near-retirees also contend with the risk of outliving their retirement savings at the same time.

One possible solution? Our Income 150+, a fixed index annuity (FIA) with an optional guaranteed lifetime withdrawal benefit.

Index-linked growth and downside protection 

With Income 150+ FIA, your clients get downside protection and the opportunity for index-linked growth in an up-market. The result? No matter which index-linked crediting strategy your clients choose to potentially grow their money, negative market performance will never reduce it.

And that’s on top of a guaranteed 20% income boost on day one, plus additional boosts in years 2-5 and at year 10.1,2

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1 The income benefit provides guaranteed lifetime income called Lifetime Annual Payments (LAP) that are determined as a percentage of the Withdrawal Base at the time of income activation. The percentage is called the Lifetime Withdrawal Percentage (LWP), is based upon age at income activation, and is locked in for life when income begins. LWPs vary based on single or joint income. The Withdrawal Base and Deferral Bonus Base initially equal the premium amount. Deferral Bonuses, called Income Boosts, are available to grow the Withdrawal Base. The first Deferral Bonus, equal to 20% of the premium amount, applies on day 1 of the contract. Prior to income activation, additional Deferral Bonuses equal to 7.5% of the premium amount, are provided at the beginning of years 2, 3, 4 and 5. If income activation is delayed until year 10, an additional Deferral Bonus is available which equals 150% of all interest credits earned in the first nine years of the contract. If a withdrawal is taken prior to income activation your Withdrawal Base and Deferral Bonus Base will be reduced proportionately. Subsequent Deferral Bonuses will thereby be based on the current Deferral Bonus Base at each increase, not initial premium amount. Once income is activated, withdrawals in excess of LAP will reduce the LAP for future years in proportion to the reduction in contract value due to the part of the withdrawal that exceeds the LAP. The LAP is zero prior to GLWB activation. It is important to note that the Withdrawal Base is separate from contract value and is not available for cash surrender or as a death benefit.

2 The income benefit is included on date of issue for an annual charge of 1.05% of the Withdrawal Base at the end of each contract year.

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