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July 27, 2022

Webinar: Designing Insurance Solutions to Address Clients' Macroeconomic Concerns

Join Joey Ussery, CLU, ChFC, LUTCF and John C. Snider II, JD from John Hancock this afternoon at 3pm central


Clients are concerned about inflation, rising interest rates, geopolitical instability, and other factors placing downward pressure on equity markets.

Join John Snider II, JD, John Hancock’s AVP and Associate Counsel with Advanced Markets, for a timely macroeconomic update and a discussion of how life insurance product selection and structure can help address clients’ concerns in this challenging environment. Also, learn what the shocking decrease in the per diem amount in 2022 (and the change in how the per diem amount is calculated going forward) means for clients trying to plan for future long-term care needs.

Keep your sales sizzling with our hot new IUL upgrades

Help your clients reach their financial goals with our shiny new Value+ Protector III (VPP III) and Max Accumulator+ III (MA+ III)! 

Our flagship protection and accumulation IULs are more attractive than ever to help your clients protect their loved ones, prepare for the unexpected and supplement retirement. 

Check out the latest upgrades and changes.

Make a splash with increased commission and new Select-a-Term rates

We have increased the street level commission on the 10 Year Select-a-Term.To confirm your commission schedule please log into Connext and find your schedule, under Contracting & Commissions, and Agent Lookup. 

Also effective May 23, 2022 there will be premium rate changes in all states except New York, where rates will remain the same. 

The Term sweet life

Get familiar with everything you need to know about Select-a-Term. Our sweet spots flyer will make your mouth water. Indulge your cravings and check out our STA resources.

Once in a lifetime

With the Income for Life rider on Max Accumulator+ II, your clients can enjoy an extra cushion to help cover expenses or be well-prepared for a long retirement. See our flyer and check out more resources.

Symetra SwiftTerm, an Instant Issue Program

Insurance should be easy and Symetra’s SwiftTerm, the process is automated from start to finish. Clients can apply, pay and receive their term policy all online, as fast as 25 minutes in some cases. That’s the important difference between Instant Issue and Instant Decision programs. Learn more.

Expand Your Clients’ Retirement Income Options

The opportunity to grow cash value in an indexed universal life (IUL) insurance policy on a tax-deferred basis can potentially complement the income your clients receive from traditional retirement assets. Find out how.

Growth and Protection in one IUL

Protective’s IUL can protect your clients’ goals while offering flexibility – including the opportunity to grow and access cash value that’s linked to market performance. Visit our site and share our video with your clients today.

Never Negative – the IUL floor

With Protective’s Indexed Choice UL, you can get a balance of guaranteed death benefit protection and cash value potential – even at a 0% interest rate. A product that provides strong cash value potential, downside protection and guaranteed death benefit coverage is one that you need to talk to your clients about today. Download our flyer to learn more.

Chronic Illness Riders + IULs = a powerful combination

Our blended solution – Protective IUL with the ExtendCare Rider is specifically built to help clients protect themselves and their loved ones. This combination provides death benefit protection, accumulation potential and eases the costs of chronic illness. Check out our flyer to see how.

The future is uncertain, Signature Term Life can help your clients fortify their financial goals.

Paying a competitive rate doesn't mean your clients have to forfeit all the other essential features of a complete term life product. Offer versatility with Signature Term Life.

Help your client’s avoid uncertainty with Signature Guaranteed Universal Life.

Let Signature Guaranteed Universal Life provide important financial coverage for your client’s life goals. Learn more.

Plan for College for Future Generations

Many jobs may require an education beyond high school, and while higher education is a great investment, it can be expensive for parents if they choose to help pay. Paying for higher education or specialty education may take multiple resources – but life insurance could be a part of the equation. Learn more.

Provide Income Now, Later or Much Later

Different types of annuities provide income payments depending on when you want to receive them. Need to fund retirement in 10-15 years? Bridge an income gap now to delay tapping Social Security? Want to be sure guaranteed income is waiting at age 85? There’s an annuity for that. Learn More.

IUL Accumulator II vs New Heights IUL Marketing Piece

Check out the marketing piece Nationwide created that compares our two IUL accumulator products, which includes what similarities they have and where each one excels.

Nationwide Cost of Insurance Rates History

We’re proud that we have never increased cost of insurance (COI) rates on our in-force universal life (UL) policies. Learn more.

Nationwide Advisor Blog – Capital Market Impact

Mark Hackett, Nationwide’s Chief of Investment Research, discusses the current market conditions and what to look out for in the future. Read the full blog entry.

Have Questions About BenefitAccess Rider (BAR)?

All of your questions are answered in our interactive BenefitAccess Rider FAQ guide. Learn about the application process, underwriting requirements, which policies BAR can be added to, and more.

IRS Issues Proposed Regulations Concerning “Claw-back” of Certain Lifetime Gifts

On April 26, 2022, the IRS issued proposed regulations addressing the basic exclusion amount allowable when computing federal estate taxes as applied to certain lifetime gifts. Learn more.

Guide Black Americans to Financial Success – Help Get Them on the Right Track

You have the power to help educate Black Americans on why life insurance is important. Use the tools in our Black Consumer E-Book to educate these consumers on protecting their assets and how they can grow their income into multigenerational wealth to ensure their loved ones can follow their dreams.

GI Term

The minimum number of lives has been reduced from 25 to 10 for qualifying GI Term cases allowing even more of your business clients to get access to this innovative solution. Review our overview for additional information on GI Term.

Key business findings

For key employees, 84% of SMBs offer them benefits, and 55% want to offer them more. Common benefits include:

Start a conversation with your business clients about these benefits.

Starting the business succession conversation

Review our best practices guide to understand key considerations. Then share our new succession planning business insights with your clients and prospects.

Mandated Workplace Retirement Plans

The IRS is handing you an unprecedented opportunity to grow your business. Several states already mandate small business owners to provide retirement plans to their employees; other states will follow. Learn more.

The Lincoln Leader provides product updates, market insights and process enhancements

Check out the latest issue.

Meet the unique needs of your business clients

Deliver comprehensive solutions to help protect your clients’ businesses and maintain their competitive edge. Share our client guide to business insurance strategies to start the discussion on effective strategies to help them retain, reward and recruit top talent, ensure business continuity, and build a solid business transition plan.

Important Term Life Answers (TLC) Conversion Policy Changes

Mutual of Omaha allows term conversions to any product and will continue to offer this conversion option. One change that we are implementing is the way in which we compensate term conversions for TLA. Learn more.

Help Clients Understand Their IUL Express Allocation Options

Use our client-approved Indexed Interest Allocation Options flyer to help your clients determine which strategy may work best for them.

Find BOLD Solutions

BOLD (Business Owner Life-stage Design) is a ready-to-use system for financial professionals that provides marketing materials to get in front of business owner clients, analysis tools to help prioritize their financial concerns, strategies to solve those concerns, and confidence to communicate. Check out our BOLD landing page.

Want To Step Up Your Life Insurance Game?

Check out our online, customized life insurance experience you and your client can access right from their illustration. Available exclusively for Eclipse Accumulator IUL and VUL Defender. Learn more.

Live from NY -  It’s MassMutual's Life & DI Products on iGO

We are excited to announce that MassMutual’s Whole Life, Term, Universal Life, Life-LTC Hybrid and DI products are now available on iGO for sale in New York. Check out our resource page to help you add products to your IGO profile from your iPipeline iService platform.

Help Secure Your Client’s Future

Did you know that owning a combination of Term and Whole Life insurance can help clients meet their life insurance protection needs today, and as they change over time? View our sales concept to see how two life insurance policies from MassMutual can help secure your client’s future.

A Long-Term View of DI Protection

When selecting DI coverage, it is important to protect a portion of your future income as well as your current income. View our consumer brochure to understand the importance of protecting a portion of your income from the financial effects of a disability, now and into the future.

Why LGA?

What's the reason over 125,000 advisors choose to partner with LGA? We’re fiercely competitive, willing to accept risks and a digital leader in our industry. Find out more.

Join our Breaking Misconceptions to Build Client Trust session at NAILBA Summer Symposium

Lisa Ling, Executive Producer and host of This is Life on CNN, joins Jennifer Torneden, Legal & General America SVP, Distribution, Marketing & Strategic Growth, and Dan LaBert, NAILBA CEO, for a discussion on how to build trust with customers and employees while working to reach underserved markets. Register today.

New extra layer of protection from John Hancock

For clients seeking an extra layer of protection with their life insurance, tell them about our new Accelerated Death Benefit for Chronic Illness (ADBCH) rider — providing early access to the policy’s death benefit (on a tax-favored basis) to help cover costs associated with chronic illness.

This rider is ideally suited for accumulation-focused clients looking to grow their policy value while also seeking built-in flexibility in case their needs change in the future. Learn more.

Introducing a new Accelerated Death Benefit for Chronic Illness rider

We are excited to add an Accelerated Death Benefit for Chronic Illness rider to John Hancock's suite of living benefits. This rider can help provide clients early access to their policy’s death benefit if they become chronically ill. Since it does not have a monthly charge, it can be a nice addition for clients focused on cash value accumulation, where LTC planning may not be a top priority. Learn More.

Enhance the VUL value proposition with living benefits

Join our informative 30-minute webinar on July 28 at 2 p.m. ET to see how combining a John Hancock VUL policy with our living-benefit riders can play a key role in holistic planning. 

2023 Producer Summit Qualifications

Our qualifications for the 2023 JH Producer Summit are now available. Be sure to look out for more information as this exciting trip approaches. Learn more.

New video: What Allianz is doing to help your life insurance sales

The life insurance provider you choose to work with should also be one that works for you.

Watch this short video to see why you can rely on us for products, service, and support to help you run your business and provide clients with a potential life insurance solution that helps address their needs. Watch our new video, then visit our Life Sales tools website.

Crowdfunding Social Post

Have you noticed an increase in crowdfunding campaigns to pay for funerals? While it’s an option, successfully reaching a crowdfunding goal isn’t guaranteed. Life insurance may provide a better option. Use our pre-approved social post to spread the word.

Download social image

Social post copy: Funerals are expensive–and in times of grief, the last thing loved ones should have to do is raise money for expenses. Plan ahead with life insurance.

Updated Client Flyer

Builder Plus IUL 3 indexed universal life insurance can help clients look forward to retirement. Check out our updated client flyer that shows them how.

What’s Your Promise?

Helping families find affordable, qualify coverage is your promise. Helping you deliver is our promise. PL Promise Term. Watch this short video to learn more.

Combat “The Great Resignation” With These Executive Compensation Strategies

Take an in-depth look at three executive compensation strategies that can help your business owning clients attract, retain, and reward key employees. Learn more in our comprehensive guide you can share with your client. 

Don’t Be Shy, Ask for the Referral

There's no doubt that referral marketing can work, but how do you encourage people to recommend you when the opportunity arises? Check out four tips, geared for both customer and colleague referrals, in the latest edition of Broad Market Insights.

Producer Essential's Underwriting New Business

Sales Concepts to Grow Your Business

Different stages of a client’s life can have a variety of financial needs. We can help provide them solutions for each stage with our advanced sales concepts. See which of our sales concepts are right for you and your clients.

Executive Bonus Plans: An Advanced Markets Digital Playbook

Take a look at our new resource to guide you every step of the way. Executive Bonus Plans provide companies a way in which they can provide special bonus compensation to employees who are considered key to the success of the company. 

Advanced Markets Minute - July 2022

Social Security planning is very much alive. People facing retirement have one big question: "When should I take my Social Security benefits?" As an advisor, answering this retirement income question can be a critical part of your practice. Advanced Markets at Mutual of Omaha has programs that can help you answer that question for your clients

Listen to our latest Advanced Markets Minute: "Social Security Planning Lives!" or read the article.

Catch the Wave

We hope you’re as stoked as we are to catch this wave right into the Bahamas with the 2022 Care Solutions Summer Incentive Contest. This will also give you an opportunity to increase your chances of attending the 2023 Independent Leaders Conference, but that’s not all – we have three other epic experiences just waiting to be won. View the contest details.

Long-Term Care Education near you

We are taking our Care Solutions University on the road and bringing it to a location near you. View the CSU regional schedule.

“Where and When” state chart

Find state adoptions, training requirements and deadlines around Best Interest and suitability in annuity transactions, on our state chart. The chart is updated on a rolling basis

Inforce LTCi Rate Adjustments Effective October 1, 2022

To ensure we keep our promises to policyholders and remain competitive in the marketplace we will be implementing inforce rate adjustments effective October 1, 2022 for ID, MD, NH, TX and TN. See rate adjustments.

MoneyGuard Solutions. New states, New sales opportunities

Lincoln MoneyGuard Fixed Advantage is now available in Montana and New Jersey. Read More.

New functionality to make the process easier

Starting July 11, 2022, the Lincoln MoneyGuard team is excited to offer text messaging for interview scheduling and appointment updates with our partner LTCG. Learn more.

Minimum Funding, Maximum LTC Protection

Reinvigorate your sales process with our simple and transformative SecureCare UL sales strategy:

  • Understand when a client should get Long-Term Care (LTC) coverage
  • Use that knowledge to kick start the LTC conversation
  • Show your client that maximized protection is possible with a minimally funded policy

Offer your client’s compounded risk defense with Palladium SPIA with a Cost-of-Living Adjustment.

Help your clients defend their savings against fears of high inflation with a Palladium Single Premium Immediate Annuity (SPIA) and a Cost‑Of‑Living Adjustment (COLA).

Income for Life…Without Questions

Clients who can’t medically qualify for life insurance can still get a reliable retirement income source. There is a stress-free alternative solution for uninsurable life insurance prospects looking to generate retirement income. A flexible premium indexed annuity can serve as an income source, with no medical underwriting requirements. Learn more.

Your Mid-Year Financial Checkup

Have your clients’ needs or life circumstances changed at mid-year? Now’s the time to make sure their financial goals are still on track.

Are your clients’ finances ready for a longer life?

No one knows exactly how long their #Retirement will last. Help your clients understand how important it is to be #FinanciallyPrepared and talk to them about how #Annuities can help them enjoy a more secure retirement no matter how long they live.

Many women are rethinking their retirement style

American women often live longer and save less for #Retirement than men, so having a roommate may make sense for many. If your female clients are considering living with a roommate in retirement, here’s what they may want to keep in mind. Learn more.

Producer Essential's Underwriting New Business

Our Underwriting Process is No Sweat

Processing your business quickly is something we're passionate about. LGA is undergoing transformative changes in our UW processes that allow us to balance speed with price. Learn how we're transforming the journey from experts Zachary Pugh, VP, Chief Underwriter, and Patti DeWitt, VP, Underwriting & Claims Operations.

When clients make healthy lifestyle choices, it’s good for their underwriting, too

With our Lifestyle Credits Program, your clients automatically receive Lifestyle Credits when they meet criteria such as: completing routine physicals, getting routine blood screenings, exercising regularly, and/or caring for medical conditions. No ongoing monitoring is needed.

To qualify, proposed insureds must be age 25-70 and rated up to Table 6 for death benefits up to $5 million in coverage. Read about our Lifestyle Credits Program.

Medical Reference Library

Prepare your clients for the underwriting process while expediting your business when there is a known medical concern to find the information your underwriting team will need to make an offer. Find our helpful resource under the New Business section on the North American website.

Improved details for underwriting decisions, plus agent-completed Part B for Term AU+ cases

We've heard feedback from the field and are improving details provided for underwriting decisions when the offer is less than best class.
Agents now have the option of submitting their own Part Bs for Term cases submitted via iGO full eApp. This option was previously available for IUL cases

Get your cases approved faster

AU+ is our streamlined underwriting process that’s available for issue ages up to 59, risk classes from Standard to Preferred Plus, and face amounts up to and including $2 million. Plus - Applications submitted for AU+ are often issued in 5 days. That makes the buying experience simple and fast for you and your clients. Reach more clients, with fast decisions and faster coverage.

Symetra’s Accelerated Underwriting Program

Ease of doing business is very important to our clients and with our Accelerated Underwriting Program with no Tele-interview needed, the process is so simple. Learn more.

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