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February 16, 2022

Spread the love with new Select-a-Term rates

As of February 14, 2022 there will be premium rate changes in all states.  

  • Pricing:
    • All states except for New York: 72% of the premium rates rank in the top three*.
    • In New York, over 70% of the premium rates rank in the top three*.
  • Faster decisions
    • Agile Underwriting+ (AU+) is now available for term.
  • 18 durations:
    • Including 10-year and 15 through 30 years and a 35-year term.

Read Product bulletin. 

Read NY Product Bulletin. 

* Annual rates. Comparison based on 15, 20, 25, 30-year term durations, male and female quinquennial ages 20-75, $250K, $500K and $1M face amounts in non-tobacco underwriting classes, against 15 leading competitors. 960 cells sampled on January 4, 2022

Bridging The Social Security Income Gap

Use our new Social Security infographics to spark retirement planning conversations with your clients. Open their eyes to the realities of Social Security today.

Symetra Protector IUL

It is cost-effective life insurance protection with built-in flexibility for life’s changing needs. Plus, it has the potential for cash value growth through our 11 index strategy options. Learn more.
Symetra SwiftTerm Extra Coverage Program

Do you have SwiftTerm clients looking for additional permanent death benefit coverage? With our SwiftTerm Extra Coverage Program, they can get up to 1 million of permanent coverage without going through the full underwriting process.  Learn more.
Get your clients coverage in as little as 25 minutes

Getting quality life insurance doesn’t have to be complicated. With Symetra SwiftTerm, the application process is automated from start to finish. Clients can apply, pay and get their term policy delivered to them online—in as little as 25 minutes.  That’s a swift life insurance solution both you and your clients can feel good about. Find out how.

What Are The Real Chances of a Disabling Illness?

Help your clients discover the financial impact that may be caused by a disabling illness. Use this quick quiz to test their knowledge on the risks and impacts tied to a serious illness. Then, use our easily digestible infographic to continue the conversation with your clients. Access now.
Discover Paths to Your Clients’ Financial Goals

No matter where your clients are in life, our educational resources can help both you and your clients understand different options available that may be able to help meet financial objectives. Learn More.

You Asked, So We Answered

We’re enhancing our Horizon Experience to significantly reduce APS requests. These enhancements will get your offers delivered quicker and streamline your business process. Learn more.
When Buying Life Insurance For Your Parents Can Make Financial Sense

Life insurance can be a great way to help clients manage the costs of caring for aging parents. Andrew Doerman, VP, Digital Distribution & Strategy at LGA talked with NerdWallet on how to choose the right policy. Read the article.

Cut Out All The Paperwork And Go Digital 

We've been working with advisors like you who have switched from paper to our Horizon Experience and asked them what they loved most about it. Find out what they told us.

Individual Life Post Issue Service Update

Providing consistent, reliable, and convenient service is a critical priority for Individual Life. We have faced several strong headwinds simultaneously, with the recent typhoon in Cebu City impacting our Contact Centers in the Philippines and staffing challenges onshore and offshore as many have been impacted with the latest COVID variant. We appreciate your patience and recognize the significant impact these challenges present to you and your clients is a forbidden phrase, and wanted to highlight a few recent improvements. Learn More.

Index Lock helps manage volatility – with an average 10.8% locked-in value†

77% of Americans expect the market will remain volatile this year‡ – a great opportunity for clients to benefit from Index Lock, available with select index allocations for our fixed index universal life (FIUL) insurance clients. And with Auto Lock, index values can be locked in automatically without daily tracking of markets.
Index Lock and Auto Lock complement our other FIUL insurance features, including death benefit protection, and are available with select index allocations. Learn more more about Index Lock and Auto Lock.

Join BUILD in Raising $20,000 for Black-Led Nonprofits

At National Life, we believe strong connections are at the heart of strong communities. We believe being a good corporate citizen starts with listening to the needs of our communities and offering to help however we can. Read more.

Help Families Protect the Ones They Love

Of all the ways you can make a difference, helping your clients secure their financial future is one you can feel good about. PL Promise Term provides death benefit protection with the value, convenience and strength you can rely on from Pacific Life. Learn More.
Balancing the Care of Aging Parents and Children

Do you have clients that are part of the “sandwich generation”—raising children and supporting elderly parents? There are ways to ease the challenges of this high-stress juggling act. Read this insights article to learn how and share with your clients.
Build Your Social Media Skills Using LinkedIn

For financial professionals, growing a business has always been about networking and meeting new people. Is it any surprise that social media has become a mainstream way to stay top of mind and deepen the relationships you have with your clients? Discover 4 key aspects to an effective social selling strategy.

Sage Term Solution to be withdrawn from current offerings.

As part of our shift to consumer-centric accumulation focused solutions, the decision has been made to withdraw the Sage Term solution from our current offerings.  This will allow us to focus on expanding our accumulation and retirement solutions. 

Sage IUL has very few moving parts, no multipliers or complex calculations and includes chronic illness benefits.  The product is built for accumulation and tax advantaged distributions.  The ability to run illustrations at a lower than current rate so you can “stress test now so you and your client don’t stress later” is a story that we are proud to tell. Check out the Sage IUL historical returns flyer.

Also, check out theWealthCare case study using this SPIUL solution as a differentiated asset class with chronic illness benefits. We offer a Return of Premium feature, chronic benefits and upside potential in a high cap/par  option of 11% cap and 65% par.

Enjoy the Ride

Effective February 1, 2022, TLE 30T Return of Premium (ROP) now has Critical Illness and Chronic Illness Riders available in addition to the Terminal Illness Rider. Our TLE ROP product is a great way to provide your clients with options, and now, it’s better than ever. Learn more about these changes.

Let’s talk TOLI

Help clients protect their legacy with trust-owned life insurance. This estate planning strategy helps clients solidify their financial future, regardless of their net worth. Want more? Explore TOLI with Lincoln.
Lincoln AssetEdge VUL (2022)

This variable universal life insurance product combines the death benefit protection your clients need with the growth potential and flexibility they want. Lincoln AssetEdge VUL (2022) is for clients who want significant growth opportunity, increased tax advantages, flexibility to access income, and protection for the future. Watch training video and visit
MoneyGuard Product Suspension in NY

Due to the existing regulatory environment in New York, Lincoln Life & Annuity Company of New York (Lincoln) is unable to maintain a modern portfolio of MoneyGuard hybrid life insurance products in the state and will be suspending new MoneyGuard sales in New York until further notice. Read more.

Unfamiliar with Securian’s VUL Offerings?

Many assume Securian only offers IUL, but the truth is Securian offers not only a strong IUL portfolio, but competitive VUL products for your clients as well. Take a look at the flyer to learn how these offerings can provide unique solutions.

You Have To See It To Believe It

Whether it’s competitive rates, accelerated benefits, or the ability for your client to get some or all of their money back you need to see what American National is offering in NY. Let Signature Guaranteed Universal Life NY provide important financial coverage for your client’s life goals. Download the brochure.

Help Clients Protect Up to 65% of Their Income

If your clients have loved ones who rely on their ability to earn an income, they may want to consider MassMutual’s disability income insurance for protection against the unexpected. Watch this video to learn more.
Reach for the Sky with New Private Aviation Guidelines

The Aviation Exclusion Rider (AER) is no longer the only way for private pilots to qualify for Ultra class. Changes to MassMutual's private aviation guidelines for ages 20 to 70 are among the most competitive criteria in the industry for Ultra and Select Preferred classes with or without a flat extra premium. Learn more.
Split-Dollar Squared

Combining a corporate split dollar loan with a retirement buy-sell can go a long way in addressing a business owner’s dual need: business succession and retirement. Check out this Advanced Sales Strategy.

What are your clients doing at midnight?

We find that most clients are doing digital interviews between 10pm and 1am. Having this feature on CareMatters helps clients respond in their preferred time.  It is interactive, mobile-friendly and easy to use. Learn more

Check out the latest Spotlight

Read the latest edition of Spotlight which focuses on John Hancock’s latest product optimizations designed to offer more client choice and value — and help you grow your sales.

iPipeline iGO e-App —with access to instant decision

John Hancock’s iGO eApp with Flex Complete can dramatically reduce the insurance sales cycle, potentially by up to 20 days, and offers a less intrusive way to collect medical history and signatures. This new submission method also offers access to “instant underwriting decisions” on eligible cases up to $3M for ages 18-60. Take a Look.
Delivering on shared value with John Hancock Vitality

Learn about how we are changing the life insurance conversation and improving customer experience to help you drive sales. Listen Now.

Accelerated Access Rider

Learn more about our Accelerated Access Rider- a free rider available on Lifetime Builder ELITE and Lifetime Foundation ELITE. Find out more about the rider.
Connect with Global Atlantic on LinkedIn

Join the trend. Global Atlantic's network of LinkedIn followers has been growing exponentially. It's fast, easy — and a great way to stay connected to company developments, and more.

Protective’s Indexed Choice UL – Accumulation and Protection

Protective maximizes value for agents and their clients by creating products that are straightforward and built to last. Start engaging with your clients today to incorporate and IUL solution into their plan. Download our consumer approved flyer to educate them on the product and start having the conversation today.
Indexed Choice UL delivers what’s expected

Protective is deeply dedicated to your success as you continue to build your business. For your indexed business, you can feel confident recommending our Indexed Choice UL because it’s built to perform as your clients expect. Read our flyer to see why.
Indexed Solutions for Producers

Your clients’ financial situations and personal goals are unique to them. Helping them select the right policy is essential in meeting their needs. Learn how our IUL can offer your clients with protection plus cash value potential. Download our brochure to learn more.

Need A Fast Insurance Solution For SBA Loans?

Then look no further! SBLI offers a proven fast-track program for SBA loan insurance with a guaranteed accelerated underwriting program that approves over 70% of applications with an average processing time of 48 hours. Get more details or view a quick video.
Help Agents Communicate with Clients

Finally, insurance that doesn’t require a home visit. A great way for clients to learn about our fast, less invasive application process. A consumer-flyer makes it easy. Get more information and our customizable marketing piece.

Insure Your Love social posts

New Insure Your Love content is now available on North American’s sharable content page. Start by downloading our social media content calendar.
All about the hearts this month

American Heart Month happens every February. It’s a time to focus on cardiovascular health. North American is proud to bring awareness that certain types of heart conditions can still be insurable with proper treatment and follow-up. Download resources to share North American's holistic life insurance underwriting philosophy.
Life insurance and retention

Everywhere you look you see the signs: “Now Hiring.” Workforce shortages might have your clients thinking about ways they can retain employees. Life insurance executive bonus plans can incentivize employee retention with an attractive benefit that can be offered to select employees. See how it works in our new case study.

How Will Your Clients handle the Need for Long-Term Care if it Arises?

Help your clients plan ahead with our Long-Term Care Rider available on Income Advantage IUL and Life Protection Advantage IUL.
Sales Idea: Selling LTCi to Middle Market Clients

Traditional long-term care insurance can be the perfect solution for the Middle Market customer. Understand the middle market buyers – their motivations, needs and hesitancies when it comes to LTCi. View the Sales Idea.

The Advantage of the Cash Benefit - Bruce's Story

The cash benefit of Bruce's long-term care policy gave his wife the flexibility to manage his care and pay for the services he needed. Read Bruce's Story.

Long-Term Care Application Tips

When underwriting your LTCi cases, our underwriters look at the total picture, including your client's health, cognitive status and lifestyle. Painting a picture is the best way to ensure your cases are issued quicker. Learn more.

Digital Resources at your Fingertips

OneAmerica will be transitioning to eApp submission only in the near future. Prepare for your next app submission by viewing this eApp Demo Video which will help you be in the know about all things eApp!
Access February Interest Rates

New business interest rates for some OneAmerica® company products are changing, effective Tuesday, Feb. 15, 2022. View all the most up to date interest rates.
Financial First Responders

The unexpected can change everything. After first responders complete their service and sirens go silent, we join our customers and clients in the aftermath as financial first responders ready to help them rebuild their lives. View our latest video and feel free to share it on your own social media channels.

Creating personalized client solutions

Nationwide has a health care/LTC cost assessment fact finder. Once completed, Nationwide provides a personalized report for your clients that may help them fill income gaps and cover health care/LTC costs in retirement. Learn more.

For clients in or near retirement who own stocks or mutual funds, market corrections can have a severe impact on their retirement security. Recovering from a market correction requires a greater percentage increase than the correction itself. Share our chart with your clients and show the recovery percentages necessary for various market-loss percentages.

Unleash Your Clients’ Performance

Offer your accumulation-focused clients the higher growth potential of Rate Buy-Up Accounts. Eye-popping cap and participation rates are available in exchange for an annual fee on the allocations to Rate Buy-Up Accounts. Learn more.

Lifetime Income Options for Different Lifetime Income Needs

Not all clients have the same needs for income, so take a look at a product with multiple lifetime income rider options. In addition to benefits like principal protection and tax-deferral, the IncomeShield FIA and Lifetime Income Benefit Rider offers clients a 7% premium bonus and multiple Lifetime Income Benefit Rider options to choose from for lifelong income. Check out the IncomeShield Resources.

Want to create new client connections in the New Year?

The New Year may be a great time to start new conversations around retirement planning strategies. And what better way to get started than with news stories that address today’s key risks. Consider sharing some articles with clients to get them talking about today’s risks, including inflation, and possible strategies for help managing them.

Index Rates Are Improving From AIG IMO Annuities

See the current rates for The Power Protector Series of Index Annuities.
See The Return Potential Index Annuities Can Offer Clients

Explore our online calculator to see the hypothetical range of interest an FIA could generate in different markets.

In The Loop Underwriting New Business

3 Mark Underwriting Commentary

Do you have a client that is an occasional cigarette smoker? 

How about someone who chews or vapes with no history of cigarette smoking??

They may qualify for non-tobacco rates!

Contact your Wholesaler or a member of the 3 Mark Sales or Marketing Team at 888-533-6275 to learn how.

Two major AIG underwriting improvements

Effective Immediately:

  1. Foreign Travel Restrictions Lifted: We are immediately reverting back to our pre-covid country-by-country rating guidance. Download our Foreign Travel Guidelines flyer.
  2. Personal Health Statement (PHS) is no longer required: On case approvals that are within AIG retention, within 60 days of initial application date, and where PHS is the only delivery requirement outside of the initial premium.*

*This applies to virtually all automated case approvals. Please review the Field UW Guide to determine when PHS may be required.

Being a partner in your success is why we’ve built an automated underwriting process for a seamless experience and reliable results.

You can offer your clients a smoother underwriting process for cases of $5 million and greater

The Principal Business Solutions Enhanced Underwriting program helps your clients get more coverage with less hassle. This innovative program enables qualifying cases up to $50 million to be underwritten without an insurance exam. This can be an ideal solution for busy business owners and their key employees, and it’s available with any of our life insurance products. Get full details.
New Drop Ticket URL

Last month we shared that our Drop Ticket application has updated URLs. We’re going to discontinue support for the old links and stop re-routing users to the new links effective Feb. 18, 2022. Please update saved favorite links today with the following: 

Help Clients Understand How Easy Buying Life Insurance Can Be In A Remote Environment

Securian Financial’s WriteFit Underwriting program can help your clients get the coverage they need quickly, easily, and perhaps most importantly — remotely. Check out our WriteFit Underwriting™ consumer marketing toolkit for your use with clients.

Get less APS requests with the Horizon Experience

Our digital application platform offers shorter application times, faster decisions, reduced cycle times and greater flexibility for you and your clients. Learn more about how we’re simplifying life, so you can protect more families. 

We’re enhancing our Horizon Experience* to significantly reduce APS requests. These enhancements will get your offers delivered quicker and streamline your business process. Visit the resource page and Download flyer.

Go Digital with SBLI: Accelerated Underwriting Sweet Spots

SBLI offers a unique end-to-end digital process that guarantees no in-person contact, no fluids and no exam underwriting process, no matter what. Take a look at the commonly accepted conditions for our Accelerated Underwriting Program.

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