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September 22, 2021

Join Gary Proco and Char Tharaldson for 

Conquering the Mountain: How life insurance can position clients to win in retirement

This Afternoon at 3:00 pm Central

Reserve my seat

Reaching the summit of retirement is much like climbing a mountain - you have to not only plan how to reach the top, but also how to get back down. 

This session will help you understand the impact of the 4 key challenges every person will face in retirement and what can be done today to properly position your clients for these challenges. 

See how the COVID-19 Pandemic is influencing the decision making process and what impact it will have on your recommendation going forward.

Join us to explore this opportunity and learn how North American can help!

Wellness For Life - Give Your Clients Policy A Boost

We’ve had great success with Wellness for Life - a free rider that can give your clients discounts on the cost of insurance. Find out more.

Symetra SwiftTerm

It may seem daunting to plan for tomorrow when today feels so hectic and that’s why Symetra Life Insurance Company created SwiftTerm. It’s term life insurance that is so easy, you can apply for it over morning coffee and have coverage by your second cup. Learn more.
Symetra’s high-net-worth foreign national programs

Today’s high-net-worth and domestic multi-cultural clients may live here in the United States or come from all over the world, but they do share the same life insurance needs. Symetra’s expertise can help you make these customers become part of your business in 2021. Learn more.
Let Symetra help you step up your sales

Looking for solutions to help in every stage of life and insurance is more than just a financial safety net for loved ones, it fills several other important needs as well. We identified prospecting clues to help you identifying clients who may benefit from life insurance–no matter what stage of life they’re in. Learn more.

Are Your Clients Looking For The Potential To Supplement College Funding?

Fixed index universal life (FIUL) insurance can help. The cost of college has risen even higher. Upon the death of the insured, the death benefit proceeds can be used to help fund college. The accumulation potential of FIUL may also provide an opportunity to supplement a college funding strategy (or for any financial need) by accessing any available cash value through policy loans and withdrawals. Download our college funding sales materials.
September is Life Insurance Awareness Month
Here’s how to take advantage of this opportunity to help educate clients on the importance of life insurance:

  • Visit our new Life Insurance Social Media Marketing Library to get the word out on life insurance and build your social media presence.
  • Share our new digitally enhanced Life Needs Analysis Calculator with clients to help them get a personalized life insurance estimate.

Get the word out to clients today.

Business Discontinuity: Odds, Risks, and Insured Solutions

The odds of business owners or anyone winning the lottery are astronomical. The odds of business owners dying – not so much. Learn how your clients and prospects who own businesses can – with your guidance and the right strategy – help prepare effective succession plans. Learn More.
Life Insurance Needs Analysis Resource

During Life Insurance Awareness Month, use this worksheet to help clients assess what they’re trying to protect in the event of their untimely death. This method not only focuses on the amount of coverage needed, but the timeframe of those needs as well. Download the worksheet now.
Discover Our GUL Strong Points

Quickly learn about the strengths of Columbus Life’s Guaranteed Universal Life (GUL) product. Discover the value this guaranteed financial solution can bring to your clients. Learn More.

Help your clients secure their futures

September is Life Insurance Awareness month. We’ve teamed up with Life Happens to dispel the myths and uncover the real facts about life insurance and how important it is. Empower and educate your clients with our simple materials about the importance of having life insurance.
Committed to providing you with great service and products in New York

As other carriers discontinue doing business in New York, we’re committed to providing great products and service to our advisors. Here are a few ways we’re making it easy to do business. Find out more.

Your clients have accumulated significant wealth in their annuity

Find out how they can leverage those dollars for a greater inheritance for their children.
Accelerated Benefit Riders can be just as important as the death benefit

American National includes ABRs on all individual life insurance products (including term insurance).  Review the details.

Why Should High Income Earners Consider Life Insurance?

High income clients face unique retirement challenges. Our new client-friendly flyer helps you bring these challenges to light, along with how life insurance can help. Check out the flyer.

Conversations: Trends in the Retirement Space

Darlene Flagg, VP, Retirement Plans discusses school access, sales strategies, and opportunities. Watch the Video.
LIAM: Focus on Hispanic and Latino Americans

Take a closer look at this burgeoning population. The 2020 Census shows…the Hispanic or Latino population was 62.1 million in 2020. This population grew 23%, while the non-Hispanic or Latino population grew 4.3% since 2010. Watch this dynamic conversation about the nuances of and buying power within this community, how their unique characteristics and culture shape your interactions, and the magnitude of the opportunity they present within the financial services landscape. Read More.

What Happens Next?

Educate clients about the next steps after applying for life insurance–from what’s needed for the online health history questionnaire or tele-interview, to preparing for the paramed exam (if required). Share this client guide to help make the process from application to underwriting easier.

Now available -  New Eclipse Protector II IUL Landing Page

Eclipse Protector II IUL now has a new Financial Professional page outside of log-in on Users can access a target experience complete with competitive resources. Visit landing page.
Resource for Advisors – New Life Insurance Marketing Toolkit

Our new life insurance marketing toolkit can help new and veteran advisors build their business and reach new clients through social media posts and email. Learn more.
Updated – LIFT Landing Page

The LIFT landing page was recently reorganized to improve financial professional experience. We’ve also included links to each of the LIFT illustration sales presentations. Visit LIFT landing Page.

Learn more about Strategic Objectives II VUL

Protective’s Strategic Objectives was recently repriced and now offers clients more accumulation potential than before. Download our guide to see how Strategic Objectives II VUL can provide your clients with a solution for accumulation as well as death benefit protection.
Looking For a Blended Solution?

Protective is here to help you offer blended, tailored solutions for clients. Think of blending two products together when looking to offer coverage to clients who may be in a unique position.  Download our client brochure to show how a term and VUL solution can work for your clients.
Fund Performance to Fuel Accumulation

See how the fund lineup with Strategic Objectives II VUL can help with accumulation potential. Check out our flyer.

Life Protection Advantage IUL Product Enhancement

We are pleased to announce that beginning September 24, 2021, we will be extending Life Protection Advantage IUL's long-term no-lapse protection guarantee from age 85 to age 90. And we are providing this additional 5-year guarantee at no additional cost. Read more.
Start the Life Insurance Conversation

It's Life Insurance Awareness Month, making it a great time to talk to your clients about the importance of life insurance and the valuable role it plays in protecting their family and financial futures. Learn more.

Check out our MMA Toolkit

Our MoneyGuard Market Advantage Toolkit includes our suite of advisor and client-friendly marketing material, information on advisor and client-specific focus opportunities, promotional resources, and a calendar of upcoming events. Learn more.
September is Life Insurance Awareness Month

LIMRA research finds that the pandemic has generated unprecedented consumer demand for life insurance, with 31% of Americans saying they are more likely to purchase coverage in 2021. Check out the LIAM landing page for new materials to send to your clients.

Our New ‘Face Amount Solves’ Offer Your Clients Greater Confidence and Flexibility

We make it simpler to determine appropriate face amounts for over-funded cases. New 7702 and 7702A rates allow for more premium and lower face amounts with minimum non-MEC life insurance designs, and now Nationwide has made it easier to fine-tune solutions that fit your clients’ needs. Learn more.

Nationwide Economic & Financial Markets Monthly Review

Economic growth continues but slowed by lingering supply constraints/Delta variant. Growth is slowing as COVID-caused supply chain issues persist! Read full review.

Life Insurance Awareness Month

Tune into the latest episode of "Hancock Talks" to learn how to make this September the best Life Insurance Awareness Month yet by uncovering new sales opportunities. Don't miss these pivotal insights.
Gifting With Increased Exemptions – Use It or Lose It

On September 13th, the House Ways and Means Committee put forth proposals that would accelerate the expiration of estate- and gift-tax exemptions – potentially slicing exemptions in half as early as January 1, 2022. Now is the time for high-net-worth individuals to consider making large gifts. Resources to help:

Tell the IUL story, short and sweet

Telling the Index Universal Life story and explaining how it works to clients can sometimes be a lengthy and complex conversation. Increase your efficiency with our Life with Confidence digital tool that can help you simplify the IUL story in minutes.

Spread the love for LIAM

Life Insurance Awareness Month is here. Find all the tools and resources to help you spread the love and raise awareness this month and year-round. Visit our Life Insurance Awareness page.

Maximize the options

In January of 2020 The SECURE Act went into effect and was called ‘the most sweeping retirement legislation in a long time.’ Did you know that life insurance can help clients protect their inheritance from taxes after it’s distributed from an IRA?  See it in Action.

Client Content for LIAM

Share some of our favorite blog posts during Life Insurance Awareness Month (LIAM) to help spread awareness:

Performance in good times and bad

Those who market Indexed Universal Life (IUL) insurance are well aware of its advantage: death benefit protection, plus potential cash value growth based on the movement of a stock market index, while being subject to a floor and a cap, participation, and/or spread rate. See how Builder Plus IUL 3 performs in a down year compared to the competition.

Enhanced Principal Deferred Compensation – Select Reward

Help businesses attract and retain top talent. Principal Deferred Comp – Select Reward plans are nonqualified plans that offer benefits for employers and the key employees they select to participate. Get marketing materials.
2021 Business Owner Insights study

More than 1,000 businesses shared how they’re prioritizing financial plans for their business and employees. Review the complete findings.
Disability solutions for the business market

Business owners face a triple threat when it comes to a disability. They need to consider both personal disability income (DI) protection and business continuation and succession planning needs. Principal® offers a variety of solutions that can help. Check out the disability insurance overview.

Introducing the Affordable Solution for the All-Important Family Market

Flex Whole Life with a Term Combo is the Budget-focused Solution for young families. Many new families have student loans, car payments, mortgages, and the cost of raising children. Flex Whole Life is designed to support families’ lifestyles, provide financial security, and safeguard dreams for the future. See more details.

A Better Understanding of Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementias - 10/14/21

Tina Thomas from the Alzheimer’s Association joins us to discuss Alzheimer’s Disease and dementias: what are the causes and warning signs, the impact on caregivers and the disparities that exist in historically underserved communities. Register for the webinar and watch the Tina Thomas Promo Video.
Your Clients Aren’t Average

Why is there Long-Term Care? Utilize this sales idea to illustrate the importance of insuring beyond the averages so you can be assured your clients are protected for beyond just the average.

Next Steps in the LTC Application Process

Preparing clients for the underwriting process can go a long way toward ensuring their applications get issued. After you complete a long-term care application, make sure your clients know what happens next. Read more.

Looking for annuity sales ideas?

We have a bunch.

Attention MI Producers

Michigan has updated the requirements around Best Interest and suitability in annuity transactions, effective June 29, 2021. New training is required to be able to submit applications for any annuity products, including Asset Care annuity funding whole life. View details.

In The Loop Underwriting New Business

PruFast Track Is Turning 5

It’s PruFast Track’s fifth anniversary, and we have plenty of reasons to celebrate. With more than 85,000 accelerated decisions under our belt, PruFast Track is the cornerstone of our entire suite of eCapabilities.  Visit our eCapabilities interactive experience today.

iGO e-App eSignature Link Extended

The eSignature link for cases submitted via iGO e-App will now be active for 14 days. Previously, the link expired after 7 days. Access the Submission Guide for iPipeline’s iGO e-App.

See Who’s a Good Fit

Provide a better underwriting experience for your clients who may be a fit for PL Swift Sailing accelerated underwriting. Use this prequalification checklist to help your clients get up to $2 million in life insurance coverage with no medical exams, fluids, or APS.

Learn More AboutMe

AboutMe online health history tool offers an alternative to the tele-interview for gathering health history information. Within minutes of receipt of the application, the applicant will receive a welcome email from Pacific Life with a link to the questionnaire that includes shorter and fewer reflexive questions, a direct line to phone support, and more. Explore the benefits of AboutMe.

The Horizon Experience: It’s the way we do business digitally

See how we make it easier than ever to do business with us through our Horizon Digital Platform. Our digital application platform offers shorter application times, faster decisions, reduced cycle times and greater flexibility for you and your clients. Learn more about how we’re simplifying life, so you can protect more families.

E-Policy Delivery Program: An integral part of SBLI’s end-to-end digital process

With SBLI’s E-Delivery Program there is no face-to-face contact necessary. Policy and delivery requirements can be accepted, signed, and paid for by the client online. Find out more.
Go Digital with SBLI: Accelerated Underwriting Sweet Spots

SBLI offers a unique end-to-end digital process that guarantees no in-person contact, no fluids and no exam underwriting process, no matter what! Learn about the commonly accepted conditions for our Accelerated Underwriting Program.

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