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January 20, 2021

Join John Hancock's Caroline Brooks, JD, CFP and Joey Ussery, CLU, ChFC, LUTCF for

Post-Election Update and Planning for the New Year

In this webinar we'll explore timely post-election insurance and wealth transfer opportunities including:

  • An overview of proposed tax law changes
  • Impact in the HNW space, including strategies to leverage transferred assets to purchase insurance
  • Tax-effcient, flexible solutions for high income earners
  • Prospecting tools and resources

Webinar Later Today at 3:00 pm central

Click here to register

New Term Rates effective January 19, 2021

Click here to read the announcement with all the details.

Term Conversion Tips!

Term conversions are probably part of your business, and we want to ensure you are positioned for a smooth process. Please find these helpful tips that will set you up for success.

The Biggest Opportunity

Of the $12 trillion life insurance protection gap, 1 in 2 U.S. households are existing policyholders with an average coverage gap of $225,000 per household.  Click here to see how Pacific Life can help.

The Biden Tax Plan: Proposed Changes

Read this ADU Update to see a summary of the potential tax changes based on president-elect Joe Biden’s tax plan.

Generate More Sales With Our Comprehensive Solutions For Split-Dollar Plans

High-quality employees provide a competitive edge that can help take a business to the next level. An employer-sponsored, split-dollar life insurance arrangement can help your clients attract and retain their industry's top talent and stand out as an attractive employer.  Click here for details
Trust Planning In A New Tax Paradigm

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 (TCJA) brought significant changes to the tax law, including the area of estate and gift taxes. In 2020, the exclusions for federal estate and gift tax exemptions (indexed for inflation) increased for both individuals and couples. While many estates will fall below the federal exclusion amount, there are still many important reasons to consider using a trust funded with life insurance for legacy planning.   Our brochure outlines how clients can employ trusts to help protect their legacies and transfer them to future generations

40 Years of Affordable Level Term Coverage

Give your clients the option to buy simple term life insurance protection that can cover them into retirement and beyond. Share this 30-second video clipClick here for the sales idea.

Are Client Reviews Part Of Your Practice?

Not only does life change, but life insurance products change over time. That's why it's important to put regular client reviews into place. Visit the North American Marketing Toolkit for materials, including a life events checklist, to help as you start putting client reviews on the calendar!
Help Your Clients Build A Stronger Future

North American’s Builder Plus Indexed Universal Life (IUL) 2 insurance is designed for strong death benefit protection and strong cash value accumulation with an Account Interest Multiplier.  See what sets this product apart and download materials to help support your next sale.

Introducing Principal UL Provider Edge II and re-priced UL Flex III

Click here to read the announcement.

Buy-Sell Planning

Business owners are often focused on the day-to-day operation of their business, and future planning may not be top of mind. Since they’ll transition out of the business someday—either on their terms or from an unplanned event—you can help ensure a smooth transition by working with them to implement a buy-sell strategy.  Use this flyer to start the conversation.

Help Clients Own The Outcome

How do financial professionals empower clients to take action when unpredictable markets and investment losses are top concerns?  Visit our resource center for ways to help bring the conversation into focus.
Did You Miss Our Latest Webcast?

The replay is now available! Get ready to ride the wave with exciting product and program updates from Lincoln. Watch the replay here!

Protective Classic Choice term has even lower rates and higher maximum issue ages.

Click here to read the Protective Life Bulletin that contains all the details.

Help Clients Face the Unexpected with Living Access Benefits from Nationwide

Offer clients more than they expect from a life insurance policy we view life insurance as more than just a death benefit. That’s why we offer 3 cash indemnity protection features through our Living Access Benefits Suite to help clients face the unexpected.  Click here to learn more!

Health Care Cost Planning!

Are you missing out on important health care cost planning conversations with younger clients? Your clients may not have discussed it with you, but they are concerned about health care costs!  Click here to access our planning tools!

Protection solutions for your sales success in the new year

With best-in-class value for your clients, our comprehensive suite of protection-focused life insurance products offers more sales opportunities for you!
Updated LTC consumer materials — reflect elimination period update

In case you missed it, clients now only have to wait 90 calendar days before LTC benefits are payable — and every-day counts, whether the client receives qualified long-term care services on that day or not. View our updated consumer guide to learn more. 

When You Think of Us, Think 'Age Last Birthday'

Learn how our age last birthday underwriting can save your clients time and money.

Resources to Get You Revved Up in the New Year

Could financial professionals come together to learn from one another? We think so. Get started by binge-watching Life Insights, AM60, FAQ's, and more on our Columbus Life Insights Channel.  Access Them Now

Help Clients Determine Their Right Retirement Timeline

There are several key retirement ages that your clients may want to keep in mind as they plan for retirement. Take a look and talk with them about the right retirement timeline.  Learn More

Now You Can Easily Show the Impacts Of Different Bonus Options

Another Allianz exclusive: Because your clients have multiple bonus opportunities with Allianz Life Pro+ Advantage Fixed Index Universal Life Insurance Policy, it’s important to understand how each option works.
Our new Allianz Showcase educational tool creates case studies to show clients how different bonus options can affect policy values. By selecting from a limited number of inputs, you can quickly show the potential annual loan amount, accumulation value, death benefit amount, and charges. Go to Allianz Showcase to generate an educational case study for your clients today.

Updated LTCi 2021 Tax Advantages Flyers

Show your clients how buying a standalone long-term care policy offers tax advantages. Now updated with 2021 numbers.

Care Benefit Concierge Materials

Be sure that that your client’s loved ones will have the support they need when it comes time to file a claim. Our Care Benefit Concierge will be here for them, so they can focus on providing the love and attention only they can give.  Click Here to access the Care Benefit Concierge.

Care Solutions Learning opportunity – 1/29 – CareScout

This webinar is intended for agents and marketers who would like to learn more about our partnership with the CareScout Program. CareScout provides clients with assistance when determining what type of care they may need and what to look for to make decisions.  Click here to register.

In The Loop Annuities / LTC


For all annuity carriers

Transferring assets, or exchanging money via section 1035 of the tax code, may have tax consequences. Any questions regarding taxation should be referred to a qualified tax professional.

Call the Financial Institution/Insurance Company to see what they require to transfer the money e. g. some financial institutions, like Fidelity, require a call from the client to release money, others like Northwestern Mutual require their own surrender form to accompany the 1035/transfer form from the company receiving the money.

Attach a copy of a current policy/ account statement for the funds being transferred to the 1035/transfer document.

Complete the 1035/transfer form carefully and completely. Be sure all necessary signatures are obtained.

Send original transfer forms with the application to 3 Mark for processing.

Annuity Fact Finder 

Click here for a great Annuity Fact Finder

In The Loop Underwriting New Business

John Hancock temporarily raised the minimum face on term submissions to  $750,000 effective January 28, 2021

Click here to read the John Hancock announcement.

Digital Platform Enhancements: Expanded Eligibility To Include Multiparty Cases

We've expanded eligibility for the digital application to include cases where the Proposed Insured and Owner are not the same, as long as the owner does not reside in NY or is a business case.  Read the full announcement

New Business & Underwriting News

Click here to view the January 2021 edition of Life Insurance New Business & Underwriting News from Principal.

In The Know 

News from AIG Operations, and Legal & Compliance.  Click here to view the January 14, 2021 edition.

New “Best Practice” Videos for ‘Doing Business Remotely

Four new videos which share strategies for advisors presenting via zoom or video calls to clients. Take your virtual presentation skills to the next level.  Click here

Go Digital with SBLI: Accelerated Underwriting Sweet Spots

SBLI offers a unique end-to-end digital process that guarantees no in-person contact, no fluids, and no exam underwriting process, no matter what!  Click here for commonly accepted conditions for our Accelerated Underwriting Program.

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