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June 12, 2019


Join Alyssa De La Cruz, ChFC, CLU, CLTC as she introduces

New! CareMatters ll: Opening the Door to More Opportunity. 

Webinar Later Today at 3:00 pm central

Few people would argue against optimal health and financial stability being the foundations for a successful retirement. Unfortunately, with recent health care cost increases and the changes to Medicare and Social Security, and rising health care cost inflation, fewer Americans are likely to reach this mark.  Join us to learn how the recently revised CareMatters II can help you help your clients and prospects.

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Premium Paying Strategies: Asset Sale to an Irrevocable Grantor Trust

Part of Prudential’s Premium Paying Strategies concept, Asset Sale to an Irrevocable Grantor Trust can help your affluent but illiquid clients create the liquidity they need to purchase a large amount of life insurance to more effectively and efficiently transfer wealth.  Read More.

Term/GUL Combo

Protect to age 100 with a two-policy solution. Cover long-term needs with Secure Lifetime GUL 3, including the optional chronic illness rider. Cover additional short term financial obligations (mortgage, children, etc.) with Select-a-Term. Consumer flyerProducer training.

 Reach Out to RIAs

Two new customizable emails tailored to financial professionals, who work with AUM, inside the “Grow Your Business” Campaign In A Box. Promote life insurance as a value-add in growing their business.  Grow your business with financial professionals.

The Divorcee's Guide to Retirement

Divorce can be one of most challenging experiences you may ever face, but it's important to remember that there's always a light at the end of the tunnel. While divorce may present you with some financial difficulties, there are steps you could take to help ensure your future is protected. You've worked hard to get where you are today and taking steps to help ensure your golden years are secure could be one of the greatest gifts you give yourself.  Read more.

Top Trends in Tax Proposals and Why They Matter

In just 2 short years, the tax proposal conversation has changed from tax cuts to a new wave of tax increases. Learn about the discussions you should be having with your clients. Top trends and conversations.

 As Clients’ Lives Change, Their Needs Change. When Was the Last Time You Checked In?

Learn how AXA Equitable’s Purpose, Product, Health (PPH) Exam can help you evaluate clients’ policies to ensure they align with their ever-changing needs. PPH Client Exam brochurePPH Client Fact Finder.

 How to Use the 1040 Overlay to Reveal Gaps, Needs and Opportunities

With changes to taxes via the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, reviewing clients’ updated tax forms can help you identify missed life insurance needs and opportunities. 1040 Overlay Resources.

 Help Clients Enjoy Their Golden Years by Enhancing Retirement Benefits 

Some clients are fortunate to have defined benefit pension plans, but they may be leaving money on the table. Help clients maximize retirement benefits using life insurance with Pension Max. Client brochureClient flyerClient presentation.

Our Unconventional Approach to IUL Products

Learn about the fundamental shift in IUL design and how to explain it to your clients. Instead of chasing the trends in the industry, we remain committed to providing a true IUL, designed for clients' long-term security and stability, with cost-effective, stable premiums.  A letter from Trey Reynolds.


Competitive New Term Rates

At LGA, 3,527 families and businesses across the US were the beneficiaries of more than $892 million in claims in 2018.

We've recently updated our claims infographic so it's available to share with agents and clients.

Protection They Will Grow Into

Parents have the opportunity to leave a legacy to their children by providing one of the greatest gifts - life insurance. Purchasing a policy while their child is young and in good health, provides the opportunity to protect a lifetime of dreams, and lock in insurability.  Learn more.

New Rates on PL Promise Term Life Insurance

On June 10, 2019, Pacific Life reinforced its commitment to serving the needs of the broad market consumer with affordable death benefit life insurance coverage by lowering rates for PL Promise Term.  View Full Bulletin

Now Even Better With Chronic Illness Benefits

Are your clients prepared for the risk of chronic illness? We’ve got you covered. PL Promise GUL¹ now offers chronic illness protection! It’s an affordable alternative to whole life. Learn about the rider. 

AM60: Beneficiary Designations

Morgan Scott has introduced a new video series to educate producers on Advanced Markets topics in about 60 seconds. Watch his first AM60 video to learn about beneficiary designations and how small titling errors can lead to big consequences for the insured’s family.  Watch now.

Designing Retirement Plans for the Business Life Cycle

Business owners come in all shapes and sizes and their goals can vary greatly depending on the tage their business is in--brand new, growing, established or winding down.  A good retirement plan can meet the business owner’s goals regardless of where he or she is in their business life cycle.

Register now for the webinar today at 12:00 pm central

Industry Update: How Principle-Based Reserving Affects Your Business

Two significant regulatory changes are affecting the Life Insurance Industry—Principle-Based Reserving (PBR) and a new standard mortality table, the 2017 Commissioners Standard Ordinary (CSO) Table. Read more.

 Guaranteed Lifetime Protection with the Freedom to Pursue Growth

Lincoln VULOne, the #1 selling VUL product in the industry, is improved and now PBR/CSO compliant.  Learn more.

 More Ways to Protect Your Clients from LTC Expenses 

Lincoln Care Coverage ABR, our rider for long-term care expenses, is available on more solutions.

  • Now for clients who want protection with upside potential: Lincoln WealthAccumulate® IUL and Lincoln WealthPreserve® IUL
  • As a reminder, this rider is also available for clients who are looking for lifetime death benefit protection: Lincoln LifeGuarantee® UL or Lincoln VULONE   Client guide.

 A Protection-Focused IUL

Lincoln WealthPreserve IUL is for clients who want some upside opportunities with added protection from market losses.  Client guide.

John Hancock Vitality is Four Years Old

John Hancock Vitality has grown to 40,000 members and hit over $100 million in sales last year alone, but what does that mean for you? In this short time, we’ve helped producers  close more cases, get more referrals, and create happier clients. Now, that’s something worth celebrating!

Earn up to $40,000 in Rewards with Protection Term

With the Vitality rider on a Protection Term policy,* your clients can save on their annual premiums and earn valuable rewards and discounts by simply living a healthy life. See how these premium savings — plus exclusive discounts on hotel stays, healthy food purchases and more — can add up to almost $40,000 over the life of the policy. 

Create Custom Illustrations with JH Solutions — Now with Two New Updates

Since 1996, JH Solutions has helped create client-ready custom illustrations that you can use to help your clients target their needs and understand the solutions life insurance has to offer. Check out the newly updated Executive Bonus and Restricted Endorsement Bonus Arrangement (REBA) modules. Andlearn more about the various offerings in JH Solutions or call Advanced Markets at 888-266-7498, option 3, to get a customized proposal for your next client.


Advanced Markets Blog

Log on and check out the Advanced Markets Blog, a one-stop location that summarizes all that is new and popular in Advanced Markets. You can find everything from legislative updates, tax rulings, proven sales techniques, and much more! Here are some of our most recent blog posts:

Nationwide No-Lapse Guarantee UL II

Introducing a flexible and affordable no-lapse guarantee universal life insurance product from Nationwide.  Click here to view and download the interactive guide.

Advanced Markets: Together We Create Ideas

As most of you know, we perform business valuations for advisors, so they can use the valuation as a way of opening or expanding an insurance planning conversation with their business owner clients. Over the last several years we have done hundreds of business valuations that have assisted advisors in making sales. Read more.

Help Your Clients Plan for Health Care Risks in Retirement

An Income Advantage IUL policy helps clients by providing a source of supplemental retirement income. It also allows clients to take a portion of their death benefit early for chronic illness. Learn more.

Did you know…28 million households age 45 or under are underinsured?

Agents can rely on us to help them provide income protection solutions to the 25-45-year-old market with our great term products and unique offerings: 

SBLI provides an exceptionally convenient, telephone-based Accelerated Underwriting process with fast turnaround times.  Click Here to learn more. 

Hybrid or linked-benefit products are a fresh approach to retirement and estate planning. These products, cover opposing risk groups by combining long-term care coverage with life insurance or an annuity.

Have You Tried the LTC Cost of Care Calculator?

Last year we introduced our LTC cost of care calculator, and now it's been updated with new numbers. Learn how valuable this information can be when selling an IUL with an LTC Rider.  Click here to view the calculator.

New Pricing options on Nationwide CareMatters II: Now more accessible than ever

We’re excited to announce Nationwide CareMatters® II is now available with new pricing options that help make it a more competitive choice for long-term care (LTC) coverage. It’s the same cash indemnity plan you’re familiar with and offers more control over LTC benefits because Nationwide:

  • Places no restrictions on how clients use their benefits
  • Doesn’t require clients to submit monthly bills or receipts to receive their benefits

Compare CareMatters II with the previous version with the side-by-side one pager.

Coming in July: Updated Asset Care

By Jan. 1, 2020, all issuers of life insurance are required to reprice their products according to the 2017 CSO mortality and morbidity tables. OneAmerica® has updated the benefits and pricing within our whole-life based Asset Care® product suite, and we will be launching a new product in July!  Read more.

Training opportunities

We'll be hosting national webinars on the new Asset Care product every Tuesday and Thursday in June and July. Producers from all distribution channels are encouraged to participate.  Register for a free webinar today 

 Access interest rates effective June 15

Effective Saturday, June 15, 2019, some OneAmerica® interest rates are changing.

  • Annuity Care® (LTC fund only), Annuity Care II and Indexed Annuity Care® new money rates are decreasing.
  • New rates and transition rules are listed below.
  • All other rates remain unchanged. 

View all rates 

In The Loop Annuities / LTC


For all annuity carriers

Transferring assets, or exchanging money via section 1035 of the tax code, may have tax consequences. Any questions regarding taxation should be referred to a qualified tax professional.

Call the Financial Institution/Insurance Company to see what they require to transfer the money e. g. some financial institutions, like Fidelity, require a call from the client to release money, others like Northwestern Mutual require their own surrender form to accompany the 1035/transfer form from the company receiving the money.

Attach a copy of a current policy/ account statement for the funds being transferred to the 1035/transfer document.

Complete the 1035/transfer form carefully and completely. Be sure all necessary signatures are obtained.

Send original transfer forms with the application to 3 Mark for processing.

Annuity Fact Finder 

Click here for a great Annuity Fact Finder

In The Loop Underwriting New Business

Important update regarding conversion application submissions

Effective June 6, 2019, please use the state-specific application for the client's current resident state when submitting conversion applications. The application will also need to be signed in the client's current state of residence. If the client resides outside the United States, use the application for the state where the original policy was issued.
Any conversion applications received after July 6, 2019 that are not specific to the client's current state of residence will not be considered in good order.

Latest Underwriting Enhancements Make it Faster and Easier for You

Nationwide®has taken several important steps to raise the underwriting bar. We now offer a faster process, easier access to a designated point of contact, and provide competitive decisions. Click here to see what we’re doing to ensure that our underwriting process is easy and fast for you.

Partners Group New Business Client Preparation Guides
Preparing For Your Life Insurance Exam
Preparing For Your Telephone Interview (Useful for non-medical cases)
Preparing For Your Telephone Interview and Life Insurance Exam (Useful for iGO ticket submissions)

Reduce Application Cycle Time by up to 7 Days

You can now minimize the time your clients spend authorizing Attending Physician’s Statements (APSs) through EMSI with OneTouch. Clients will be able to create a biometric signature that can be transferred to authorization forms sent to their doctor.

Get Started on PruFast Track Today! 

Learn more about how Prudential’s accelerated underwriting works! PruFast Track is faster, less invasive, and more efficient than traditional underwriting. Get on board PruFast Track and experience the ease and convenience today! It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3…Learn more.

Field Underwriting Update

Refer to our Field Underwriting Guide (now with new look and feel) to help position your clients’ applications for the best possible underwriting decisions. You can also take advantage of our interactive field underwriting tool on JHSalesHub.com.

Get More Program Updates

We have removed the internal and external replacement exclusion for the Get More program! Why? According to LIMRA and other industry studies, even those who have made the responsible choice to purchase life insurance often purchase too little.  Read more.

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