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March 13, 2019

Join Brian Piacentini, CEO AGI Financial as he introduces us to 

Pre-need Life Insurance from Global Atlantic

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The Lincoln Life Leader

Click here to read the latest Lincoln Life Leader for updates on foreign national guideline enhancements, premium financing guidelines, and more.

Cheaper Than a Cup of Coffee

Our Select-a-Term consumer-approved sales idea shows how attainable protection goals can be and how life insurance is cheaper than a cup of coffee. Wake your clients up to 18 term durations and the full convertibility of Select-a-Term. Show them how to help protect their family, pay off a mortgage or ensure college savings with this client flyer.  It’s a real eye opener!

Discover Why IUL Protect Works Best for True IUL Buyers

Are your clients looking for a true indexed universal life (IUL) product, designed with long-term security and cost-effective, stable premiums? Then you'll want to consider our IUL Protect, a true IUL with no surprises! For true IUL buyersIs the risk worth the potential reward.

Advanced Markets: What You See is What You Get

It’s award season in the entertainment industry, and while we are not up for any film or TV awards Mutual of Omaha was one of the winners of a very prestigious industry award: The “What You See is What You Get” award, where our Income Advantage and Life Protection Advantage products won in two separate Indexed UL categories. The award is presented by The Life Product Review and its creator, Bobby Samuelson.  Read more.

New Journal — Hot Off the Press!

We want you to achieve the highest level of sales success, and our latest issue of the The Journal is focused on helping you do just that. Gain insights into strategies that can open up new opportunities, with articles such as: 5 steps to winning big in the affluent marketHow to engage clients and prospects with an all-star LinkedIn profile; and A game changer for Executive Bonus Plans.Read the whole issue.

 Vitality PLUS Enhancements for Clients with Substandard Ratings

Check out our new FAQ and get all the facts on our recent enhancements to Vitality PLUS for clients with substandard ratings.

 Some Things in Life are Free!

It’s never been easier to sell John Hancock Vitality. That’s because Vitality GO is now included on all our policies at no additional charge — so, you don’t really have to “sell it” at all!  Read more.

 Why Create an Estate Plan?

Life insurance can play a key role in your clients' estate planning, and this guide shows you how — from basic tools to more sophisticated planning techniques.

 AIUL 18 Performance Amid Volatility

John Hancock has spent a lot of time developing our AIUL 18 product, and it has a distinct advantage over other carriers amid volatile returns.  Every carrier wants their product to to be a market leader under positive return assumptions, but as we know, not every year offers a positive return in the market.  The true test of a good IUL product is what it offers policy holders in a variety of return scenarios.  That’s why we have developed the below chart, which is also included in the attached powerpoint.  Learn more.

Symetra Now Available on the Resonant Field Underwriting (XRAE) Platform

Good news! You’ll now find Symetra on the Resonant Field Underwriting platform (formerly known as XRAE). Resonant Field Underwriting is designed to provide a consistent quick-quoting experience by automatically accessing published underwriting guidance from multiple carriers. Subscribers to the platform can receive responses to basic underwriting questions in record time to seamlessly support the sales illustration process.  

Spousal Lifetime Access Trust Now Available on Symetra Life Illustrator

The Spousal Lifetime Access Trust (SLAT) concept is now available to illustrate on Symetra Life Illustrator. Adding life insurance to a Spousal Lifetime Access Trust can help minimize estate taxes and provide a non-grantor beneficiary spouse discretionary lifetime income. It’s the best of both worlds for beneficiaries: access to trust assets, a greater legacy enhanced by life insurance cash values, and ultimately, a death benefit free of federal estate and income taxes.

Wealth Transfer Planning Idea That Can Also Help Fund Long-Term Care Needs

Anna’s story is a great example of this, as she is a 60 year old and in good health.  She feels confident that her current assets will cover her living expenses for retirement and is somewhat concerned about possible long-term care costs. Anna has two adult children, and she would like to leave a small legacy to make their lives more comfortable.  Read her full story, and solutions proposed, in the attached.

Nationwide Retirement Institute Resources

Attached is a brochure/overview of Nationwide Retirement Institute and all its offerings to help your Sales VPs and the advisors.  We seek to provide you with practical thought leadership, training, etc. to help you help your teams and advisors develop stronger client relationships while building the business together.  See the guide.

 Nationwide No-Lapse Guarantee UL II - Now Available in California

Available in California on March 11, 2019 - a flexible, competitively-priced product that offers clients:

  •  Choice in coverage terms — to age 70 or age 120, with the option to extend from age 70 to age 120 later
  • A return of premium feature — with two windows during which the policyowner can surrender the policy for a portion of the premiums paid (up to 100%)
  • A cash indemnity long-term care (LTC) rider —offering benefits that give clients the ability to use the money with no restrictions from Nationwide

 Please Note: California requires a wet ink signature for the Protection Against Unintended Lapse form.  Read more.

Accidental Death Marketing Campaign 

Since 2017, Legal & General America has been direct marketing accidental death (AD) coverage to inforce policyholders. During these campaigns, select policyholders will receive a direct mail offer to purchase a pre-determined amount of AD coverage on a guaranteed issue basis.

Within the next two weeks, we will be launching our next campaign and much like previous direct mail programs, policyholders can enroll in this valuable coverage using a self-fulfilling authorization form, which can easily be completed and returned by mail or accepted online.  Read more.

Let’s Talk Qualified Plans

Now that 2018 is firmly in the rearview mirror, let’s start thinking about building qualified plan excitement!  This is the time of year to start laying the groundwork for getting in front of your existing clients-and new prospects-to discuss how a qualified plan may work for them. To stay ahead, take a look at the final 199A regulations, some prospecting material such as the Innovative Retirement Plan marketing piece, and the Pension Guide for Agents as a qualified plan refresher. Link to final 199A regulationsLink to Innovative Retirement PlanLink to Pension Guide for Agents.

Commitment Matters: CLIC’s Guarantee

While Guaranteed Universal Life (GUL) products may be gradually losing prominence, the need for guaranteed financial solutions has never been greater. Columbus Life’s commitment can give you an advantage when offering competitive and affordable GUL products to your clients.  Learn more.

 New Client Guide: Estate Strategies

Our latest Advanced Markets Insights guide explains estate strategies that may help clients preserve assets with life insurance.  View the guide.

Give Your Sales a “Power of 3” Boost

The Power of 3 from Principal simplifies using life insurance for death benefit protection and supplemental retirement income. Here’s how it works:

  • Offer fast and easy coverage with Principal Accelerated Underwriting.
  • Choose from a diverse line-up of accumulation-focused products.
  • Benefit from our automated income process that makes the distribution phase hassle-free.

 Read more.

Reveal a Big Opportunity Your Clients Haven’t Seen Before

In addition to protection, Allianz Life Pro+ Elite Fixed Index Universal Life Insurance Policy offers innovative index allocations that are designed to provide your clients growth opportunity to help build their policy’s accumulation value. Download “Score the benefits of a diversified lineup” or visit www.allianzlife.com/lifebigstory to learn about life’s BIG story. The opportunity could be too BIG to miss. 

Hybrid or linked-benefit products are a fresh approach to retirement and estate planning. These products, cover opposing risk groups by combining long-term care coverage with life insurance or an annuity.

LTC News You Can Use - February 2019

We want to help your business grow and make the new year even more successful.  Here are a couple positives to begin the year:

  •  We maintain our position as the leader in traditional LTCI industry.
  • The LTC13 (current) product block continues to perform as expected, and we again expect no changes in 2019.  We want to earn your promotion and business.

Long-Term Care Tax Advantages for Business Owners

Download the guide.

Introducing the Nationwide YourLife CareMatters® Quick Quote Tool

The Nationwide YourLife CareMatters® Quick Quote Tool provides several exciting new enhancements to the old CareMatters® Benefit Estimator Tool. With a few simple inputs you can provide a more comprehensive assessment of the kind of long-term care benefits your clients may qualify for. Learn more.

 Fund Future LTC Needs with Tax-Advantaged Dollars

Your clients can't predict when a health crisis might strike and derail their carefully crafted retirement plans and investment portfolios. You can't either. But you can talk to them about SecureCare Universal Life, a linked-benefit product that provides a cash benefit they can use however they want and helps shield their other assets from the impact of Long-Term Care (LTC) expenses.  Learn more. 

A Hybrid LTC Solution Fit for Couples

When couples tell you they want to stay together while aging independently in their home, you can help them with individually tailored hybrid life/long-term care (LTC) policies. Nobody can predict which spouse or whether both will need LTC. The flexibility of Lincoln MoneyGuard® products allow each spouse to have an affordable, hybrid policy — with its own death benefit.  Read more.

Dennis Martin Appears in Broker World

Broker World Magazine recently featured OneAmerica® Individual Life and Financial Services President Dennis Martin in its 2019 Career Forecast with a focus on our outlook and optimism for the new year.  Read more.

 Care Solutions Live Deep Dives

Go in depth on topics related to our asset-based LTC solutions. Live Deep Dives are every other Friday, 11-11:30 a.m. ET. Review the topics and register for webinars.

 Care Solutions Suite and Concept Training

Get back to basics! Learn all about how asset-based LTC solutions work, how to set up sales, funding options, product features, benefits and more. Webinars are every other Friday, 11 a.m.-12 p.m. ET.  Register now.

 Asset-Based Long Term-Care Benefits - Tax Guide

The favorable treatment of asset-based LTC products remains unknown to many Americans. Help your clients understand the taxation and tax benefits of asset-based LTC products in both individual and business settings. See the guide.

In The Loop Annuities / LTC


For all annuity carriers

Transferring assets, or exchanging money via section 1035 of the tax code, may have tax consequences. Any questions regarding taxation should be referred to a qualified tax professional.

Call the Financial Institution/Insurance Company to see what they require to transfer the money e. g. some financial institutions, like Fidelity, require a call from the client to release money, others like Northwestern Mutual require their own surrender form to accompany the 1035/transfer form from the company receiving the money.

Attach a copy of a current policy/ account statement for the funds being transferred to the 1035/transfer document.

Complete the 1035/transfer form carefully and completely. Be sure all necessary signatures are obtained.

Send original transfer forms with the application to 3 Mark for processing.

Annuity Fact Finder 

Click here for a great Annuity Fact Finder

In The Loop Underwriting New Business

Introducing PruFast Track: Faster and Easier Underwriting

For 140 years, Prudential’s been evolving to make it easier and more convenient for you to do business with us. PruFast Track is our next exciting leap forward. Watch this short video to learn more.

Lee Fluharty Joins Nationwide as Chief Underwriter for Life Insurance Business to Help Refine the Company’s Underwriting Standards

Lee Fluharty has recently been named Chief Underwriter for Nationwide's life insurance business. Lee brings a lot of experience to his role as Chief Underwriter and he's joining us at a very exciting time as we are in the midst of transforming our underwriting processes and technology.  Read more here.

New Foreign National & Premium Finance Guidelines

Hot off the presses!  I just wanted to share some new Marketing information and guidelines for Foreign National and Premium Finance business that launched earlier this month. For Foreign National Business, I have attached a piece on the new Foreign National Team that will be responsible for all underwriting and inquiries on Foreign National Business as well as a piece showing side by side comparisons of our old guidelines vs. new guidelines and finally a piece on our New Foreign National Guidelines. For Premium Finance business, attached is a piece on our new Premium Finance Guidelines and a piece on Specialty Lender Guidelines.

Quest for Best

We’ve compiled our best case submission tips and resources into a single, convenient location! Bookmark the “New Business Playbook” for all the latest updates on new tools and improvements. See more. 

 Now Live: Connext New Business Changes Since

Connext is our new producer website that will replace eStation in 2019 and provides our distribution partners and producers with a simpler, faster and more transparent experience for doing business with us. Our newest feature debut is the new business Changes Since filter, which quickly shows you policies that have changed after a specific date. Learn more.

PLUS Exceeds Clients’ Expectations

In our most recent client survey, 75% of respondents’ expectations were exceeded.  Read more.

15% Higher Placement Rates for Life Insurance Applications

In the last 3 years, we have launched and refined our WriteFit Underwriting™ program and many agents are loving it! Underwriting decisions in as little as 24 hours – and a 15% higher placement rate.

When cases get issued more quickly, good things can happen:

  • You get paid sooner
  • Your clients get their coverage sooner
  • It's easier to manage clients' expectations
  • Less apologizing for Attending Physician Statements (APS) wait times or paramed exams

Making Coverage More Affordable and Accessible for Clients with Substandard Ratings 

John Hancock Vitality has something to offer everyone, but it can be especially beneficial for people with less than perfect health. Not only can it make their coverage more affordable, but it can also motivate them to live healthier lives. See how we’re offering these clients savings of as much as 20% when they elect Vitality PLUS on their permanent policies!

Tips for Easier and Quicker Submission and Processing

 Tips for easier case submission:

  • We’re all about making your life easier. Check out our submission optionsto see what best fits your needs.
  • For email document submissions, be sure to use your dedicated email address from your contact sheet. Always include it in the “To:” or “Cc:” lines only. Do not use the “Bcc:” line. Note that status emails we send to this address are not monitored and do not enter into our system. For case status questions, contact your Case Manager, or view status on the Pending Business Report.

 Tips for using new eDelivery:

  •  Term policies will automatically be eDelivered except for New York policies or selected wirehouse policies. When policy is eDelivered, a print, bounded policy is not mailed.
  • If physical delivery or signatures are preferred, you or the advisor can print the policy package.
  • Provide advisor, insured and owner email addresses before the policy is issued to avoid delays.
  • A list of delivery requirements is included in the email the Case Coordinator sends to the Field Office Contact when the policy has been issued.
  • The five-digit office number is required so the Field Office Contact can review the policy package. If your office number is less than five digits, add zeros in front of your number like “00111”.
  • Watch this video for additional details.

 Tips for beneficiary designation:

  •  When naming a minor beneficiary using the Uniform Gifts to Minors Act (UTMA), include the name and relationship to insured along with UTMA like “Jane Doe – UTMA; daughter”. The UTMA paperwork should still be submitted with full details.If including a Present Trust beneficiary, include the trust date.
  • If including a Testamentary Trust beneficiary, indicate “Testamentary Trust,” but don’t include a date. Make sure the trust exists in client’s will to avoid proceeds being paid to the contingent beneficiary, typically the estate.
  • A Collateral Assignment is not a beneficiary and shouldn’t be listed in the Beneficiary section of the application. It is indicated using a separate form and processed prior to any payout.
  • When naming children as beneficiaries, include their names rather than just indicating “children”.
  • With common names like “John Smith,” include the last four digits of the Social Security number so proceeds can be paid appropriately at claim time.

Read our new Underwriting Dialogue Newsletter focused on Anaphylaxis.

Anaphylaxis is a serious allergic reaction that is rapid in onset and may cause death. Anaphylaxis is underreported and is probably increasing in prevalence, although precise statistics are lacking.  Click here to learn more.  Fine this newsletter and more on the Legal & General underwriting microsite.

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