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In The Loop Life Insruance

Flexibility and Control in Retirement Years

What does the future hold for taxes? No one knows – which is why it’s worth considering a diversified strategy. Adding a fixed index universal life (FIUL) insurance policy to your client’s financial portfolio can help them address their needs in retirement tax-efficiently, regardless of the market environment. View our new sales idea, Flexibility and control in retirement years, to see how FIUL can play an important role in your client’s overall financial portfolio, including providing death benefit protection.

To live comfortably in retirement your clients need to plan for daily expenses, as well as protection from the unexpected. Life insurance can help with both. Download our NEW sales concepts on positioning life insurance as an asset in an overall portfolio, such as Help fill in the gaps in your retirement strategy and our Understanding FIUL brochure. 

2017 Social Security and Medicare Summary Sheet Available Now

Keep the year going strong with this popular reference sheet that can be used in client meetings or as a handout to attorneys and CPAs in your professional circle. Learn more. 

DOL - How FIUL is Impacted

Some types of life insurance could be impacted by the Department of Labor (DOL) fiduciary rule. Fixed index universal life (FIUL) insurance is one of them because of its cash value accumulation potential. This is the first of a series of articles on how life insurance is impacted by the DOL fiduciary rule. In this article, we cover the definition of a fiduciary, what is considered investment advice, and how PTE 84-24 is triggered.

This article will define what is meant by “material conflict of interest” and what it means to you. Learn more

Get Paid Faster with WriteFit

Since the introduction of WriteFit, Securian now provides underwriting decisions within 48 hours for qualified clients.  Learn more 

Changes to Securian Applications

New format. Easier to use. Less follow-up. Based on your feedback, Securian enhanced our paper life insurance applications to create a better experience for you and your clients.  Learn more

Life Insurance Product Update

MetLife to sunset life insurance products in 2017.  Learn more.

Term Rates Just Got Sweeter

Legal & General America's NEW term pricing is sweet ... and we're not sugarcoating that!  We're sure you'll love our new OPTerm rates, for all Banner and William Penn OPTerm products. Decreases across all ages, genders, bands, and classes are sure to make your mouth water. 

Icing on the cake? For ALL ages, classes and durations, we're back at #1 - 78% of the time for Banner and 84% of the time for William Penn. To sweeten the deal, LGA's digital solutions save you time and money, making selling term easy as pie. Learn more

When Your Agents Sell Protective, They Protect More Than Their Clients

When your agents choose Protective Indexed Choice UL, Protective Life will make a contribution to one of three worthy causes. Find out how protecting clients with life insurance may also make your agents the hero for a child, a veteran or a disaster survivor.  Be the Hero

Cost of Insurance Rates You Can Count On

We're proud of our long history of COI rate decreases to in-force life policies. Check out our track record.  Learn more

Strong Products Just Got Stronger

A company is only as strong as its products. That’s why we’re kicking off the year with an updated Indexed Universal Life (IUL) product line that’s better and stronger than ever.  Learn more

Strong Products Just Got Stronger

A company is only as strong as its products. That’s why we’re kicking off the year with an updated Indexed Universal Life (IUL) product line that’s better and stronger than ever.  Learn more 

Video: What is the Route 65?

Have clients looking to maximize their Social Security benefits? Check out our new Mobilize video!  Watch to learn moreDownload concept flyer

The Importance of the GRO Rider on Income Advantage IUL

Learn how the GRO rider can help provide an additional layer of protection for your clients - especially in an unpredictable market.  Learn more

Income Advantage's Indexed Interest Crediting Strategies

Income Advantage IUL helps protect your clients, while also offering them growth potential. Learn what indexed interest crediting strategies are available and which ones might be right for your clients.  Learn more 

Keep Spreading the Love

Valentine's Day might be over, but the Insure Your Love campaign runs all month. Learn how you can promote it via social media.  Learn more

Accelerated Underwriting Process with No Surprises

With no trap doors, no one falls back to the beginning of the process. Convenience for clients, simplicity for agents and speed for all.  Read more

Masterpiece of Love Is Live! It's a New Way to Talk About Legacy.

Immerse yourself in Masterpiece of Love and then get real about life! This is what the Masterpiece of Love campaign is all about; it's a completely new look at what legacy is and what it truly means.  Find out more.

Hybrid products are a fresh approach to retirement and estate planning. These products, sometimes referred to as combo or linked-benefit products, cover opposing risk groups by combining long-term care coverage with life insurance or an annuity.

Expand Your LTC Practice in 4 Easy Steps

We’ve created a suite of comprehensive long-term care planning tools to help you uncover opportunities, shorten your sales cycle, and build your practice in just four easy steps.  

Learn more.

LTC vs CI - New Campaign in a Box

Find out which is right for your client: LTC or CI? Get sales ideas and client prospecting tools; BGA promotional materials; and unique selling strategies for client meetings all in one place:

Grow Your LTCi Sales with Mutual of Omaha

LTCi is a product many people need, but too few own. Given the demographic shift as 70 million baby boomers enter or near retirement and with no viable government alternative on the horizon, we see LTCi as a product with incredible potential for growth.  Learn more

LTC awareness campaign Brainshark video

Share this short Brainshark video with clients to introduce the essential LTC conversation.

In The Loop Annuities / LTC

Annuity Fact Finder 

Click here for a great Annuity Fact Finder

 Video: Annuity e-App

Watch this video to discover how e-App means less paperwork, quicker turnaround and faster commissions.

The Lincoln Leader for fixed annuities. Get the latest Lincoln fixed annuity updates, including details of a new marketing campaign. 

DIY Your Fixed Annuity Business

Watch this webinar replay for tips to streamline your fixed annuity cases!


For all annuity carriers

Transferring assets, or exchanging money via section 1035 of the tax code, may have tax consequences. Any questions regarding taxation should be referred to a qualified tax professional.

  1. Call the Financial Institution/Insurance Company to see what they require to transfer the money e. g. some financial institutions, like Fidelity, require a call from the client to release money, others like Northwestern Mutual require their own surrender form to accompany the 1035/transfer form from the company receiving the money.
  2. Attach a copy of a current policy/ account statement for the funds being transferred to the 1035/transfer document.
  3. Complete the 1035/transfer form carefully and completely. Be sure all necessary signatures are obtained.
  4. Send original transfer forms with the application to 3 Mark for processing.
In The Loop Underwriting New Business

To help meet your clients' needs, Protective Life offers policyholders who own a qualifying* life insurance policy the ability to convert or exchange their policy to an eligible Protective Life permanent insurance option without providing evidence of insurability.  Read the Protective Life Bulletin

John Hancock is pleased to be one of the first U.S. insurance companies to offer
both term and permanent life insurance coverage to persons living with human
immunodeficiency virus (HIV).  Chick here to read the announcement.

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