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In The Loop This Weeks Highlights

Join Tom Brown and Gilbert Santellan from AIG as they introduce Life to the MAX. 

Webinar Later Today at 3:00 PM Central

Life insurance offers a tax-free death benefit that can provide protection for your family.  But did you know that you can purchase life insurance protection that can provide supplemental retirement income - with tax advantages?  Tune in to the webinar to learn more!

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China Oceanwide agrees to buy Genworth for $2.7 billion in cash

China Oceanwide Holdings Group Co. agreed to buy Genworth Financial Inc. for $2.7 billion in cash, pledging to help the U.S. firm manage its debt and strengthen life insurance units after it was hurt by higher-than-expected losses tied to long-term care coverage.  Read More

In The Loop Life Insruance

Introducing Protection SIUL with Vitality

John Hancock's industry-first Protection SIUL with Vitality has some of the most competitive Survivorship Indexed UL premiums on the market. Now it also offers higher targets for you—and the potential for your clients to save even more by living healthy. And, because it's a survivorship policy, your clients can earn twice the rewards and twice the discounts.  

To learn more about Protection SIUL with Vitality, go to Here, you’ll find everything you need to sell life insurance with the John Hancock Vitality Program. You can also view a complete list of our John Hancock Vitality sales tools and marketing materials. 

SimpleSubmit eApp Training Opportunity

North American's SimpleSubmit® is getting better with a facelift that makes it even more efficient! Although the look will change, the familiar functionality and steps to submit an eApp will remain the same. Still haven't tried out SimpleSubmit?  Here's your chance to find out more.

The Financial Impacts of Caregiving on Women

Caregiving is likely to become more common as a large mass of the U.S. population continues to age. A majority of these caregivers are women, providing care for an adult or child relative. The financial impacts of caregiving can be substantial and lifelong. Read on to learn the unique challenges women face in financial planning, the financial impacts of caregiving, and strategies that may help offer your clients financial stability. Read more

Discover the Potential of Index Loans

In addition to offering a death benefit, one of the things that draws a client to an indexed universal life (IUL) insurance policy is the potential for greater cash value. Even more attractive is the opportunity to access the cash value to provide supplemental income during retirement.  Read more.

Try Life Insurance in the Fast Lane!

Have a client you think will be eligible for standard or better rating on a single-life case? Take the FAST LANE to get that case placed quickly! Global Atlantic Financial Group is rolling out an accelerated underwriting program called "Fast Lane" that will enable you to skip the paramed and get to your underwriting offer faster than ever.  FAST LANE Underwriting is available with single-life policies in term, IUL and UL product categories.  Learn more.

Important Term Conversion Updates

As you know, Lincoln announced changes in July 2016 to its Term Conversion Guidelines to support the continuation of a comprehensive, competitive and relevant portfolio of permanent and term insurance products for your clients. Since that time, we have continued to evaluate our Term Conversion Guidelines. This process has included many conversations with partners and careful evaluation of the meaningful feedback that we have received.  Read more. 

Three Reasons to Consider Cash Value Life Insurance

Cash value options merit discussion in terms of the potential for asset accumulation and flexibility that contributes to estate planning. Cash value life insurance's versatility offers asset accumulation, choice in design, and flexibility for a lifetime of changing needs.  Read more.

Power Year-end Sales with ROP and SROP Riders

Some riders march to the beat of a different drum—and our return of premium riders definitely have their own rhythm! Symetra’s UL-G with ROP and SUL-G with SROP offer lower premiums, longer windows, higher caps and advance policyowner notifications. Be among the top 20 case designers who run the most ROP and SROP illustrations through WinFlex Web between Sept. 1, 2016, and Oct. 31, 2016, and win a set of Powerbeats Wireless Earphones.  Learn more

Hybrid products are a fresh approach to retirement and estate planning. These products, sometimes referred to as combo or linked-benefit products, cover opposing risk groups by combining long-term care coverage with life insurance or an annuity.

Earn Extra $500 Selling CareShield

With the launch of CareShield Universal Life, Securian and Minnesota Life Insurance Company want to help get your CareShield™ cases paid.  Learn more.

LTC awareness campaign Brainshark video

Share this short Brainshark video with clients to introduce the essential LTC conversation.

Help Clients Take Control of LTC Needs

At Nationwide, we want to help you prepare your clients for potential long-term care (LTC) needs in retirement. By repositioning assets into a Nationwide CareMatters policy, your clients can create a larger pool of money for LTC expenses.  Read more.

Announcing the 2016 LTC Cost of Care Survey Results 

We are pleased to announce the release of our 2016 Cost of Care Survey, conducted by LifePlans, Inc. This year’s survey revealed that the cost of long-term care services continues to rise. To learn more, review our key findings brochure (LTC-1167), and access our updated interactive calculator. 

Don’t Put Your Clients' Nest Egg at Risk!

Learn why your clients should reconsider self-insuring their LTC costs by showing them how LTC insurance can protect their retirement savings. Our latest sales idea in the “New Ways to Sell” series, shows what can happen to an asset when an LTC event strikes.  Learn more.

In The Loop Annuities / LTC

Annuity Fact Finder 

Click here for a great Annuity Fact Finder

 Video: Annuity e-App

Watch this video to discover how e-App means less paperwork, quicker turnaround and faster commissions.

The Lincoln Leader for fixed annuities. Get the latest Lincoln fixed annuity updates, including details of a new marketing campaign. 

DIY Your Fixed Annuity Business

Watch this webinar replay for tips to streamline your fixed annuity cases!


For all annuity carriers

Transferring assets, or exchanging money via section 1035 of the tax code, may have tax consequences. Any questions regarding taxation should be referred to a qualified tax professional.

  1. Call the Financial Institution/Insurance Company to see what they require to transfer the money e. g. some financial institutions, like Fidelity, require a call from the client to release money, others like Northwestern Mutual require their own surrender form to accompany the 1035/transfer form from the company receiving the money.
  2. Attach a copy of a current policy/ account statement for the funds being transferred to the 1035/transfer document.
  3. Complete the 1035/transfer form carefully and completely. Be sure all necessary signatures are obtained.
  4. Send original transfer forms with the application to 3 Mark for processing.
In The Loop Underwriting New Business

Improvements to our Underwriting Guidelines

As of Oct. 1, Mutual of Omaha is making some significant improvements to our underwriting guidelines on fully underwritten life insurance business. Learn more about the changes.  Read more

Did You Know These Three LGA Underwriting Niches?

  • Add One Inch! LGA will automatically add one inch to the proposed insured’s height to potentially boost the rate class. 
  • We can improve an underwriting decision by ONE class ...IF the one adverse finding was for build, blood pressure, family history or cholesterol/HDL ratio...AND IF the respective Crediting Criteria is satisfied
  • Our Table-rated cases are based on standard plus rates compared to other carriers’ standard.

Learn more.

 The latest Global Atlantic Underwriting Advantage is here - Fast Lane accelerated underwriting. 

Our suite of underwriting programs enable you to get your client in the best product, at the right rating - faster and with less hassle.  Our Global Atlantic Underwriting Advantages include a dedicated Foreign Nationals program, a Life Credits program, a Guaranteed Term Exchange program and we back it up with a team of experienced underwriters.  Our underwriters have an average of more than 19 years in the business.  That level of expertise is something you won't find at just any carrier.

What can we do to make it even better?  We're rolling out an accelerated underwriting program called "Fast Lane" that will enable you to skip the paramed and get to your underwriting offer faster than ever.  Learn more. 

Protective Life Bulletin discusses products available for conversion.

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